6 Cryptos with Promising Potential in 2022


There are a plethora of new cryptocurrency coins that you can choose to invest within this year 2022, some are already well known, and each with the promising potential to be a good investment possibility. Investors may begin to consider alternative possibilities or expand their crypto holdings. One could prefer to diversify their portfolio through investing in a variety of coins. Below are a few coins that have promising potential. Let us take a look.


In late 2017, the Matic network, alternatively referred to as Polygon Matic, was created to assist Ethereum growth. Over a few years of its existence, the Ethereum scale design was finalised, including a plasma sidechain and a PoS chain scaling solution. Polygon provides two types of networks: self-sovereign and Ethereum-compatible independent networks on the Matic PoS chain and shielded chains with such a strong security owing to expert verifiers. Polygon is a well-recognised cryptocurrency project that was launched to create Ethereum blockchain operations much quicker and cheaper. Polygon’s concentration on scalability is just what made this so desirable for Ethereum blockchain decentralised applications. The significant cause why crypto traders are so intrigued in anticipating whenever an alt season will come is that profits throughout an alt season can sometimes be quite impressive, and they can often be obtained in a particularly short timeframe. The coin could be used to process payments offered by the Polygon network and to negotiate amongst Polygon network members.


The Flare Network’s native currency, Spark, debuted in December 2020. Flare is a framework that aims to propagate particular characteristics and is widely used to build joint linkages between networks like Ethereum and the Ripple Blockchain. Either way, XRP could be used in smart contracts. During this stage, we’ll assess if FLR is a good option. A portion of the coins would be airdropped to Ripple owners on Binance. They normally retain their FLR on Binance to receive their airdropped currency allotment. Despite possessing only minimal shortcomings in the level of protection, the Flare system, like any decentralised financial programme or DeFi, had its good proportion of outstanding features. To get a better understanding about the future of this coin you can take a look at the Flare Price Prediction article, prepared by the experts at Cryptona, which is a beginner-friendly crypto media portal.

  • AAVE

Aave is a DeFi design that describes lending as a technique that, in almost every way, is the contrary of borrowing to a loan company. To start, no mortgage lender or middleman supervises or confirms authorised loans. AAVE, on either end, is a secure network that provides disparate programs to deliver lending, eliminating necessity mediators. AAVE provides cryptocurrency lending, whereas financial institutions may provide lending in fiat currency. Since there are no commonly accessible credit applications or assessments in the DeFi industry, users must disclose resources to acquire a loan through AAVE. Annually, specialists take a look ahead to examine what might lie ahead, and among their assumptions should be to look for a certain currency value estimate. 

  • TRON

Tron eliminates the intermediary by combining blockchain and P2P (Peer-to-peer) network technologies to let producers distribute their content directly to their clients. Solidity is a programming language used by computer programmers to construct applications for the Tron system. Tronix, or TRX, is the network’s cryptocurrency. TRX is a cryptocurrency that allows network customers to purchase content providers straight to admission to certain apps. Tron does not charge content producers a service charge.


Monero, like Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, is run by a digital environment of several developers.  Cabanas was one of only two publicly recognised individuals of the coin’s seven-person developer team who operated like a man watching just after the coin. Mitchell Krawiec-Thayer, a blockchain specialist, was a member of Monero’s research facilities, as the cryptocurrency is said to be intended to be readily mined by users instead of huge institutions mining large amounts for industrial applications.


Decentraland, a virtual reality gaming application, is built on the Ethereum blockchain. Players will use the platform’s APIs to create programmes that can be paid for. Players  can construct works and reside in LAND’s digital world, which the initiative refers to as a “virtual piece of land.” For the system’s potential customers. LAND, a non-fungible virtual property (ERC-721) split in 16m x 16m chunks, is the navigable virtual world inside Decentraland. Virtual citizens hold such plots in perpetuity, and they are acquired with MANA, Decentraland’s native digital coin. Certain plots were divided into theme settlements known as Districts, which enable clients to access communal areas around similar interests.


Given how volatile the crypto investment is, choosing the proper coin asset to invest with is essential. You’ll have to see beyond the enticing market rate while considering the obstacles you might face. Every investor must take caution and conduct a thorough study before investing in a venture.

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