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6 Creative Ways of Increasing Web Traffic With the Help of Social Media Campaigns

Social Media Web Traffic

It does not matter what your business is about, you need to know that generating traffic is one of the most important factors for growing sales as well as making the business successful. It is true that you are going to come across a number of ways and tips for increasing the web traffic, but you need to know that social media is loved by most of the entrepreneurs for more than a single reason. To start with, marketing on social media is inexpensive and you can even start it for free. Social media platforms are also responsible for helping in building audiences so that it is easy for you to engage in a better manner. Apart from that, the social media platforms are responsible for helping people discover your business, thereby increasing the total reach as well as the base of the potential customers.

In order to get all the benefits, you need to ensure that you are combining social media with the content on the website in an appropriate manner. If you are not implementing the appropriate strategies on social media or you are not creating content, which is solid and unique, it is going to be difficult to drive traffic in a reliable manner to the site and also generate sales. In this manner, promoting the business with content as well as social media is an integrated process, as opposed to two separate processes. Given below is a list of the strategies and tactics that can be used for increasing web traffic to the site effectively.

Running tagging competitions on Facebook

Using the tag a friend competition on Facebook for bulking up the reach on social media and also the potential traffic is considered to be one of the most effective tactics. These competitions are responsible for involving people, who are viewing the posts, to tag a particular friend, for winning a particular prize. This prize can be related to your service or product or you can even give something that is useful.

Once you start these kinds of competitions on social networking platforms, it is going to be easy for you to reach people. These people can easily be directed to the website whenever you are posting any product link or interesting content. This is one of the best ways of increasing web traffic.

Integrating the social media buttons into the website

While you are definitely generating traffic from the audience on social media, you also have the option of turning the visitors on your website into social media followers. This can be done by integrating the social media buttons on all the pages of the business website. These social sharing buttons are not only going to ensure that your visitors are following you on your social media accounts but also you are promoting the sharing of the contents from your website.

You also have the option of reminding your readers to keep following you on the other platforms just by clicking the button that is present at the end of each blog post. With time, it is likely that you will be successful in converting your visitors into your paying customers.

Sharing the blog posts

You might not know but the blog is considered to be the most important part of the marketing strategy, and most people use it only for attracting traffic in a passive manner from the various search engines. Whenever you are writing new blog posts, it is your responsibility to share it on the social media platforms, where you have a proper presence. As time passes, it will be easier for you to build large reserves of blogs, and also be easier for you to share the older posts without becoming repetitive. This is going to ensure that your web traffic increases with time.

Making use of hashtags in an effective manner

A number of people are still responsible for associating hashtags with Twitter; however, it is important to know that most of the social networking platforms are making use of hashtags. If you educate yourself about using hashtags in an effective manner, you can target every post to reach people, who are constantly interested in your business. You need to know that the platforms work differently when it comes to hashtags, and therefore, you have to master the tagging strategy whenever you are using hashtags.

In order to ensure that your hashtags are effective, you have to keep your eye out for the trending hashtags. Trending hashtags can quickly help in increasing web traffic without any hassles. If you are on Instagram, you can get real Instagram likes by visiting reputed websites.

Create content that is viral

It is true that it is extremely difficult to predict as to which content is going to become viral. However, as a business, you should be sure that you have created something that is going to solve the problem for the target customers or is going to entertain them. This is going to ensure that the content is going to become viral.

You should also have sound knowledge about the kinds of contents that can become viral. For example, you can create popular memes or funny videos side by side with informational posts, great photographs, infographics, and educational videos. Viral content is going to be anything, which people are going to love engaging and sharing with other people.

Optimizing the posting

An important aspect, associated with driving traffic is ensuring that you post whenever the audience is active and online. Otherwise, there is a high chance that the posts will be viewed only by a tiny section of the audience. It is true that the different platforms have different peak times, but it is an ideal idea to ensure that you are posting late in the afternoon or early evening. You also have to ensure that you are optimizing the post frequency, which should be 1-2 times every day.


It is true that it is going to take time to understand how you can increase traffic with the help of social media. However, as soon as you understand the formula that is going to work in the best manner for your audience, you will be amazed by the results that you are going to get.

Author Bio: Maria Jones is the owner of a reputed business and she makes use of social media campaigns for gaining website traffic. She suggests her followers get real Instagram likes by visiting reputed websites.

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