6 Best YouTube to MP4 Converters in 2023

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Imagine this: you’ve stumbled upon an amazing video on YouTube, maybe it’s a cherished music video, an informative tutorial, or perhaps a hilarious sketch that you can’t stop laughing at. But alas! Your internet connection is not always reliable, or perhaps you’re about to head into a Wi-Fi-less zone. You wish ardently that you had a magic tool to save this video to your device – something quick, something that would maintain the quality of the gorgeous visuals and crystal-clear audio…

💥 BAM! 💥 Here comes the game-changer, the knight in shining armor – the absolutely fabulous 💫 YouTube to MP4 Converter! 💫 This magical gadget is designed to whisk your favorite online videos off YouTube and deliver them safe and sound right into your device’s storage. It quickly — and we mean blazing fast— converts YouTube videos into the renowned MP4 format, universally ready to be played on practically any device you own.

And voila! You’re all geared up to enjoy the roller coaster ride of your favorite YouTube video, anytime, anywhere, with no Wi-Fi necessary!

Let the show begin! 😎🎬🍿


YT1S is a widely recognized online YouTube to MP4 converter. It allows users to download their favorite YouTube videos and convert them to MP4, among other formats.YT1S is not only designed to help users download YouTube videos but also converts them into numerous forms including MP4, 3GP, WEBM, MP3, OGG and M4A. It operates directly in your web browser and doesn’t mandate the installation of additional software, which makes it tremendously practical.


Here are a few noted benefits of using YT1S:

  • User-friendly: The service boasts a clean and intuitive user interface.
  • No installation required: YT1S works on web browsers, making it unnecessary to install software.
  • Versatility in formats: A variety of formats options are available.


Despite its advantageous features, YT1S has certain shortcomings:

  • Presence of ads: The website contains advertisements that some users may find disruptive.
  • Potential safety issues: Use of their service may come with risks as interacting with ads and pop-ups could lead to unwanted application installations.

User Reviews

The overall user response to YT1S appears to be mixed. While some appreciate the service for its convenience and varied format options, others express concerns about its safety due to the presence of intrusive ads.


Y2Mate is an online converter that specializes in downloading YouTube videos and converting them to MP4 format. In this overview, we will discuss its latest features, advantages, disadvantages, and user reviews.


  • YouTube to MP4 Conversion: Y2Mate focuses on being an efficient YouTube to MP4 converter.
  • Multiple Formats Supported: In addition to MP4, Y2Mate also supports MP3 and other formats.
  • Ease of Use: The website offers users a simple and easy-to-navigate interface.


  • No Software Installation Required: Users can access Y2Mate directly through their web browsers without needing to download additional software.
  • Compatibility: The platform is compatible with various devices, including desktops, smartphones, and tablets.
  • Simple Interface: Y2Mate is praised for its uncomplicated and user-friendly interface.
  • High-Quality Output: Users can download videos in high quality, depending on the original video quality on YouTube.


  • Ads: Some users might find the ads on the website to be distracting or disruptive.
  • Limited Download Options: Y2Mate mainly supports YouTube, with fewer options available for other video-sharing platforms.

User Reviews

Y2Mate’s user reviews are generally positive, with users appreciating the service’s ease of use and straightforward interface. However, some users report concerns with the prevalence of ads and the limited options for downloading videos from different platforms.


Zamzar is a versatile online file converter that allows you to convert YouTube videos to MP4 format among many other supported formats. Please read on for an in-depth review.


Zamzar supports over 1200 conversion modes which includes not only video formats, but also image, audio, and document formats. It provides users with a simple file conversion process without the need for software installation.


  • Easy to Use: Zamzar is praised for its straightforward operation – you just need to upload the file, select the target format, and wait for the conversion.
  • Wide Range of Formats: The tool is compatible with a broad list of file formats including multimedia and even eBooks.
  • Online Convenience: Zamzar can be accessed directly from the web browser without downloading any software.
  • Free to Use: The tool offers free conversions although, there’s a premium plan for unlimited and larger file conversions.


  • Speed: Some users reported that Zamzar is slower compared to other online converters.
  • File Size Limit for Free Users: Free conversions are limited to a certain filesize.

User Reviews

Users of the Zamzar converter are generally satisfied with the service, praising it for its ease of use and wide range of supported formats. A user review on Trustpilot commended it for its fast and stress-free service. However, speed is observed to be a concern for a few users.


KeepVid is an online tool primarily used by users to download and convert YouTube videos to MP4 file format. This platform provides a solution for people who want to save and convert videos for personal use. Let’s dive into its distinct features, pros, cons, and real user reviews:


  • Conversion Formats: Along with being a YouTube to MP4 converter, KeepVid supports other output formats as well.
  • User-friendly Interface: The website is easy to navigate, making it attractive for users of all levels of expertise.


  • No Installation Required: Being an online tool, KeepVid doesn’t require users to install any software.
  • Ease of Access: The tool is widely accessible and compatible with various devices, such as desktops, smartphones, and tablets.
  • Free to Use: The basic version of KeepVid is free, with premium versions available for additional features.


  • Safety Concerns: Some users and sources have raised concerns about the safety of using KeepVid.
  • Pop-ups and Ads: The tool’s page contains ads and pop-ups, which some users might find disruptive.
  • Speed: The download and conversion speed of KeepVid can be slow at times.

User Reviews

Many users find KeepVid to be safe and helpful, praising its reliability and practicality. Some users, however, raised safety concerns regarding its usage.

YT Saver

YT Saver is an online YouTube to MP4 converter that you can use to download and convert YouTube videos to MP4 files. This tool offers various features, benefits, and items to consider. Let’s explore them.


YT Saver supports the conversion of YouTube videos to MP4 format and more. It goes as far as to allow users to convert videos up to 8K resolution. This tool is designed with a user-friendly interface, making it easy to navigate.


  • Quality Retention: YT Saver is noted for its ability to preserve the original quality of downloaded and converted videos.
  • Wide Support for Resolutions: This tool supports video resolutions up to 8K, which means it can cater to the needs of users looking for super high-definition content.
  • User-friendly Interface: Users can expect to convert videos with ease, thanks to this tool’s straightforward interface.


At the time of writing, there are no widely reported disadvantages for YT Saver. However, it’s important to recognize that all tools have potential downsides that may become apparent through prolonged usage.

Real User Reviews

The user reviews of YT Saver emphasize its ability to swiftly download and convert YouTube videos, maintaining their original quality. Users also appreciate the tool’s user-friendly interface. However, please keep in mind that these reviews are subject to individuals’ experiences, and your experience might differ.

Video Converter Factory

Video Converter Factory is a versatile video conversion software package that provides a toolbox of conversion, trimming, merging, and editing features. The key highlight of Video Converter Factory is its ability to convert videos from YouTube to MP4, making it a great tool for storing and transferring YouTube videos for offline viewing.


  • Multiple Format Support: Video Converter Factory goes beyond YouTube to MP4 conversions, supporting a vast array of input and output formats.
  • Quality Preservation: It maintains high-definition quality during the conversion, providing lossless video output.
  • Editing functions: Not only does it convert videos, but it also offers basic editing functions like cropping, cutting and applying effects.
  • Batch Conversion: For those looking to convert numerous videos simultaneously, Video Converter Factory supports batch conversions.
  • Speed: Boasts of fast conversion times.


  • Non-advanced features are available only in the Pro version. The free version is somewhat limited in this regard.
  • The user interface can seem a bit complex for beginners.
  • An occasional slow-down reported during high-resolution conversions.

User Reviews:

  • “Video Converter Factory has made converting YouTube videos to MP4 a seamless experience.”
  • “I appreciate the additional editing features and file format support, but the Pro version is a must for best usage.”
  • “Sometimes conversions take a bit longer, but the quality payoff is worth it.

In the fast-paced world of digital content, you may encounter the perfect video and wish to save it forever. YouTube converters serve this purpose—changing fleeting video content into a more permanent and usable format like MP4 files. These six tools we’ve discussed are laudably the best in their field, each with distinctive features serving different user needs. And remember, while these tools are incredibly handy, they must be used responsibly and respecting creator and copyright laws.

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