6 Best WhatsApp MODs You Must Try in 2022


Millions of people use WhatsApp MODs because of their extended features. Numerous WhatsApp MODs are released till 2022, and it’s hard for people to select the best one. It becomes difficult for people to identify the best thing when more stuff is dug inside the market. The same case is happening with WhatsApp MODs. You can download, install and use WhatsApp MODs, but when you identify the missing features, you uninstall that MOD and think of searching for another one.

If you face this same issue, your landing is on the right page because reading this article will solve this problem forever. We’re about to list the 6 Best WhatsApp MODs you must try in 2022. These MODs are ranked according to their features. We’ll review the 6 MODs, but when you have the first 2 MODs installed on your smartphone, you will never feel the need to install the rest 4. So, let’s start our review because this will be a long article. We must provide a detailed review of every MOD we list, so be ready for an extended study.

6 Best WhatsApp MODs of 2022

So here is the list of the 6 Best WhatsApp MODs you must install on your smartphone to enjoy endless features and benefits.

  1.     GBWhatsApp
  2.     WhatsApp Plus
  3.     FMWhatsApp
  4.     YoWhatsApp
  5.     WhatsApp Aero
  6.     JTWhatsApp

When your smartphone is packed with any of these WhatsApp MODs, you will never feel the need to install any other version because of their outstanding features. You can only install a single WhatsApp MOD on your smartphone, so don’t expect to install 2 WhatsApp MODs in 1 place. If you have one MOD installed, you can enjoy every feature. Installing multiple MODs isn’t recommended because your contacts can be added in a single version. So don’t think of that, and now let’s review these MODs individually.


GBWhatsapp is the first MOD on our list, excellent for people thinking of enjoying all features in one place. GBWhatsApp is considered the best because of its endless characteristics. You get unlimited themes, custom fonts, more status length, and many other things to enjoy.

The first thing we liked about GBWhatsApp was its extraordinary security measures. You can lock a standard WhatsApp through a code or thumbprint, but GBWhatsApp gives more options. You can upload a secret image to close your WhatsApp dashboard. Suppose I have confidential data and don’t want anyone to see my WhatsApp dashboard because of that data. In that case, GBWhatsApp gives some special security measures you can use to protect your data.

Uploading a secret image as a lock on your GBWhatsApp is the best way to prevent your data from getting stolen. Users like these security measures and wish to install GBWhatsApp on their smartphones.

If you want GBWhatsApp to download now, you must follow this link to get its safe and perfect download link. The website we listed is secure, and people also love to visit certain websites to download these types of 3rd party apps. Your smartphone will remain safe after downloading GBWhatsApp from that website. So we have also provided the download link of GBWhatsApp, and now let’s jump to the 2nd best WhatsApp MOD named WhatsApp Plus.

WhatsApp Plus

When you get bored after using GBWhatsApp for a long time, then WhatsApp Plus should be your next install because its features compete with GBWhatsApp. WhatsApp Plus is the most used version by people. It has one part that provokes people to install, and I’ll mention it right now.

Creating multiple accounts or using WhatsApp on a Dual SIM smartphone is very easy on WhatsApp Plus. You can make 4 accounts on different numbers on WhatsApp Plus. You might wonder why I mentioned 4 accounts when my smartphone carries Dual SIMS. Well, it’s simple, and people know this very well.

If you have 2 smartphones, you can see the verification code you received. You must enter that verification code to create the 3rd and 4th accounts. This can only happen when you have 2 smartphones. Some people want to do business-related chats on their other numbers. With the first number, they only contact their friends and family members. These types of people can use WhatsApp Plus to make everything personal. If you want WhatsApp Plus to download now, visit our suggested website. We’d also suggested a website for GBWhatsApp, and now we’re also offering WhatsApp Plus because of their extraordinary security.


FMWhatsApp is the 3rd best WhatsApp Mod used by people. FMWhatsApp provides extraordinary security like GBWhatsApp. Its customization part is outstanding, and people loving eye-catching fonts, emoticons, and themes can use FMWhatsApp to get infinite stuff. FMWhatsApp’s file size is only 63 MB, and people get endless features in that 63 MB file. This 63 MB file isn’t alone but packs unlimited other features that a standard WhatsApp doesn’t. So if you don’t want GBWhatsApp and WhatsApp Plus, our vote goes with FMWhatsApp because its features also compete with those 2 apps.


If you want a completely new interface to explore WhatsApp, then YoWhatsApp is the best app for this. We have listed the apps below, but their interface is almost the same, but YoWhatsApp’s interface is entirely different. People thinking of shifting to any other interface without missing WhatsApp features tend to install YoWhatsApp because this app fulfills their wish. The file size is also 35 MB, and its features are slightly lower than GBWhatsApp and WhatsApp Plus, but its interface is far better. So people seeking a different interface can install YoWhatsApp on their smartphones.

WhatsApp Aero

WhatsApp Aero is the 5th app on our list, having some upgrades in its chat box and messages. WhatsApp Aero has some eye-catching emoticons that people may have never seen in the other versions. So if you are addicted to sending different emoticons to people, then WhatsApp Aero should be your next install to get every eye-catching emoticon in your chat box.


JTWhatsApp is ranked last on our list because its features weren’t upgraded. It is an older version released before all these apps, but the developer hasn’t upgraded its features. That’s why we haven’t given this app the first five spots. Its features are endless, but when there are no upgrades, you can’t expect a newer thing to show up.

Final Words

So we have reviewed the 6 Best WhatsApp MODs you must try in 2022. Again, we’d suggest you install GBWhatsApp and WhatsApp Plus if you don’t want to reinstall these apps again and again. If you have any questions about these apps, drop a comment to learn more about your perspective. So that’s all, and I’ll see you in the following article. Take care and enjoy using it on your smartphone.

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