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6 Best Talent Acquisition Strategies for HRs in 2022

As the HR department, you probably want to know that market changes also affect the process of hiring candidates. Regardless of the sphere, modern people are now much more flexible and dedicated as well, forcing companies to change their approach to hiring new talents.

Imagine how the world has changed since COVID. Now everyone wants to work from home yet have a chance to meet their colleagues a few times a week. Most candidates are now looking for the best working conditions, insurance coverage, mental health support right at the office, a healthy and friendly team, sports compensation, etc.

This is why most HRs are now looking for the best way to improve their hiring process from the end, as first impressions will also play a significant role. Studies show that up to 60% of candidates in top positions don’t go further after their first poor-quality interview. And the market is complex now, so every company wants to hire the best person. So knowing tips on how you can elevate your recruiting process is an excellent way to make a dream team with less effort and stress.

Create a Detailed Career Page

Even though HRs are looking for new candidates in almost every exciting platform relevant to their business needs, they should never forget about the career page directly on their website. It can be a great way to attract new talents that organically visit your website through blog pages. A career page should be a separate landing page that showcases job vacancies and other employment-related information for those who consider entering your team. The career page should also tell candidates about your company and how the team operates. Some of the key information that should be on a career page include:

  • Job openings;
  • Employee testimonials;
  • Benefits of working with you;
  • Company mission, vision and core values;
  • Videos and photos showing the workplace environment; 
  • Bright and clear CTA.

Work on Your HR Brand

Your HR brand is more than just a presence on the market. How you show your company’s goals, mission, what relationships you have with other brands, employees and what culture you have affects whether the new talent will consider your company or not. Just the name Netflix or Apple says it all.

Therefore, you need to make sure your HR brand and presence on the market are loud and trusted. Create a brand book to identify the main things you can showcase to your future candidates and inform everyone in your team about the company’s culture, so everyone will show the same value to clients and employees.

Consider Modern HR Apps

Modern candidates don’t want to struggle with all documentation and all other staff during the onboarding process and later. Luckily, the tech market offers various ways HRs can automate most processes in a digital format. Nowadays, you can try out different platforms for employee management that take most of the manual work related to the recruitment process, allowing both HRs and employees to enjoy the automated work with no stress, hassle or lost documents.

In addition, such applications can also collect employee feedback, keep all documents in one place, help with the onboarding, and make it easier for both sides to connect and improve the overall work. Some platforms have also been specially developed for the hiring process, allowing candidates to apply to positions online, download their CVs, answer questions and then connect with recruiters.

Change Your Interviews

Interviews are the key factor that usually shows you whether the candidate is suitable for the position and the team, while for the candidate is the best way to learn about your company. Since they happen face-to-face, it is easy for both of you to meet each other, talk about the position, learn soft skills and explore how the company and the candidate suit the company’s morals.

And since online interviews are a completely new era, the method you used to perform offline interviews won’t work there. Some candidates like to go to the interview in their pyjamas, like to vape when they are stressed, some don’t like to turn on the camera, etc. The world changes, and you need to consider what is appropriate in your company and what isn’t and list these factors before the interview to see how the candidate will react. Do not forget to stay flexible, as it is essential for the modern generation of people.

Host Industry Events

You will probably be surprised knowing that not all candidates come directly from the hiring process. When you want to attract niche-specific talents with unique skill sets for your company’s domain area, you can consider hosting industry events. This will show the candidate that you are experts in the industry, know how it works, and have projects that are complex enough to improve their skills. 

One of the key benefits of hosting an industry event over a recruitment process is that these events are less personal and less intense. This makes the candidate more relaxed and focused and leaves the choice to consider your company in the future or now with no pressure or speed. It will also give you a competitive advantage in the long term.

Promote Brand on Social

Regardless of your services and products, building your employer brand on social media is essential if you want to hire new talents and attract customers. Candidates that see your social media can quickly explore your company’s values, get to know the team, what projects you run and have finished, etc. This boosts loyalty and makes it easier for you to attract new candidates, especially when you post job openings on social media.

There are many platforms, websites and apps you can consider. Some of the most popular ones are Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. But it all depends on your location as well. It is also recommended to hire an experienced marketer who will be responsible for your brand visibility on social media channels.

Bottom Line

Since every company is hunting for new talents with unique skills, you want to be the first on their wish lists. Therefore, you need to change the hiring process by applying new morals, market changes and tools that technology offers. Here you can find the best tips to improve your hiring and make sure you are getting your gold card every time.

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