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6 Best Amazon PPC Tips To Boost Your Amazon Sales

Promoting your product on Amazon is crucial to boosting your sales. But the effectiveness of promotion highly depends upon the medium through which you are carrying out the process. 

For Amazon, PPC advertisement is the best method to make your product reachable to your targeted customers. 

However, the concept of PPC could be difficult for you to understand at first. Due to this fact, many entrepreneurs fail to take advantage of such services. 

So, to make the PPC concept slightly easier for you. And in order for you to implement it to your advantage, here are some best Amazon FBA PPC tips and guides for you.   

  • Recourse To Automation 

The foremost thing you need to keep in mind and train yourself in is automation. It is obscured to think that you can master the process of bidding without the help of automation. 

Thus, if you are not really familiar with this term, then you should as it’s the only thing that can help you to get to the other side of the road. 

You need to resort to automated campaigns to reap better results as quickly as possible. 

Sitting in front of the computer screen and manually sorting out the list while being in competition with people that are using automation will lead you nowhere. Moreover, with automation, your PPC management will be simplified.   

  • Bid On Long-Tail Keywords

Long-tail keywords have low demand and are quite inexpensive to bid. Therefore, if you are starting out as a fresher in FBA marketing, then you can make use of long-tail keywords. 

In hindsight, it can only give you an edge for visibility. Thus, the visibility is compromised on accounts of long-tail keywords being low in cost. 

However, once you attain good initial sales and improve your organic ranking, you can bid on high-volume keywords to make your product visible. 

So keep in mind that bidding on long-tail keywords is constructive for entrepreneurs starting from ground zero and only having upward to go.  

  • Bid On Your Keywords

Bidding on your own keywords might sound absurd but have some faith and go ahead with it. Your competitors might try to bid on your keywords so that they can steal your customers. Thus, to avoid it to happen, you have to make sure that what’s yours belongs to you in every situation no matter what.

Moreover, the reason to bid on your keyword is to make them expensive enough to the competitors that they drop the idea of bidding on your brand keyword altogether. 

  • Bid On Your Competitor’s Brand Keywords

Reverse psychology works best in business environments such as  Amazon offers. 

While bidding on your competitor’s brand keywords may seem unnecessary to you, it is equally important to boost your sales. Not to mention, when you bid on a competitor’s keywords when their customer would search for the product, they will get the ad link to yours. just in case you don’t know how to find your competitors’ keywords you can use Helium 10 (now they are running 50% OFF Sale) or Jungle Scout FBA tools.

This way, you will get a lot of traffic coming your way. And you might end up making your competitor’s customers yours for the future. Thus, this small yet impactful step can help you in gaining huge sales revenue. 

  • Optimize Negative Keyword Targeting

For those who are not familiar with Negative keyword targeting, it is a process by which you make a keyword negative. By doing so, the keyword that you have marked negative won’t be associated with any advertisement of your product. 

Now, you must be thinking about how you can use this feature to your advantage?

 Well, all you need to do is mark those keywords as negative that is not convertible. Just figure out the keywords that are unable to convert once you know them. Mark them as negative. 

way, you save the CPC and can use the saved amount in the better parts of the advertisement, such as bidding.  

  • Avoid Advertisement Cannibalisation

Cannibalization happens when your sales get lower because of your own product. While this happens mainly with technical devices, it can happen with your brand, too, while promoting. 

Thus, to avoid this situation, you need to pack your product with a unique ASIN so that you can advertise the product in a group. 

Not to mention, this simple yet effective step will save a lot of your money as you can advertise them under the same advertisement. 

Bottom Line

Along with everything mentioned above, the one more thing that’s left is for you to master the bidding game. 

There is no trick for that; it highly depends on your competent skills. Once you have all the right resources at the right price, you can easily focus on boosting your sales. 

However, be careful and smart enough to bid on the elements that will aid your sales and improve the ranking of your product. Avoid unnecessary involvement in bindings that reap low rewards.  

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