6 Benefits of Having an App For Your eCommerce Business

It is now easy to create an online store. You can use eCommerce platforms, such as Shopify and WooCommerce, to quickly build your website. You can, therefore, start selling products as fast as possible. It is, however, not simple to run an eCommerce business. Do not just list your products on your website and wait for sales.

You must do some work to bring customers to your website. Plus, you must learn how to convert your website visitors and get your customers to come back. If you are a newbie, you need to learn how to run an eCommerce business. Do not rush to start an eCommerce business.

eCommerce business experts have provided their insight into what the benefits are of having a mobile app for your brand:

1. You can offer targeted products

“With a mobile app for your business, you have the chance to use data to select targeted items for your customers. Based on past purchases, you can make suggestions to a clientele that are similar to items they have gotten in the past. This helps you to increase your profit and can also help you to move product, especially if it has been sitting for a while.

Targeted products can also increase consumer loyalty as it shows that you care as a business owner. Even though this type of marketing is mostly automated, it makes people feel as though they are special.”

Thanks to Jesse Foster, Editor of Hover Patrol!

2. It is easier to have a rewards system

“It can be much easier for consumers to keep track of their rewards if you have a system in place. An app can keep a person logged in, and can give them points every time they use the app, make a purchase or comment and leave feedback. 

Customers are able to monitor their rewards and make purchases with ease through the app to gain more points. It is one less step to use a mobile app than to sign into a website, or sign up as a guest to make a purchase.”

Thanks to Guy Regev, CEO of eTraffic.

3. You can give better-personalized discounts

“With a mobile app you have the potential to offer special, personalized discounts. Through birthdays, sharing the company through social media and simply signing up for the app are all ways in which you can get a personalized discount. 

The benefit to these discounts is that it builds the bond between your brand and customers, as well as increases the chances that they will continue to sign into the app to check and use the discounts.”

Thanks to Shaun Connell, Founder of Learn Financial Strategy.

4. It builds better customer loyalty

“Customers will continue to use your app as long as you provide them with reasons to do so. By offering discounts, a rewards system and using data to better serve them, you are giving them a better chance of being loyal to your brand. 

With nudges to their smartphones and emails as reminders, you can keep customers engaged with your app which makes them feel important. Consumers will become familiar with your brand and will then recommend you to others.”

Thanks to Brent Thurman, Owner of Bear River Mutual Insurance.

5. You can offer a better customer experience

“A mobile app allows you to offer a better customer experience as they have a more direct link to customer service. Through direct messaging and more instant responses, mobile apps are much better at connecting the consumer to the business.

Mobile apps are also very user-friendly, easy to navigate, and make it simple for customers to make a quick purchase and leave feedback. This all helps with the overall customer experience, and increases the chance that they will leave reviews.”

Thanks to Holger Sindbaek, Creator of Online Solitaire.

6. You can continuously make changes

“A mobile app does not always have to be the same and can be adjusted over time. With feedback from customers and newer features being developed continuously, you always have the chance to make improvements to your app to increase customer satisfaction.

Changes can create better optimization and will keep customers interested as they too are interested in how mobile apps can develop. It increases brand awareness and keeps your business fresh and exciting.”

Thanks to Lucie Chavez, CMO at Radaris.

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