50x your investment before 2023 with Elrond (EGLD) and Orbeon (ORBN)

Orbeon Protocol

All markets fluctuate, and while some tend to be more volatile than others, you’re more likely to enjoy success if you remain unphased by temporary highs and lows and stay focused on them for years, not just days or weeks. 

A good, solid business idea will produce great results over time and, if you’re prepared to sit it out and wait, you can earn magnificent ROI. Here’s two examples of the kind of investment that could deliver 50x returns, Elrond (EGLD) and Orbeon Protocol (ORBN).

Elrond (EGLD) is as good as gold

Launched in 2017, Elrond (eGold, EGLD) is a native utility coin that powers Elrond, a platform that uses “adaptive state sharding” (a method of distributing data across a variety of different machines) to provide very quick transactions. It incorporates cutting-edge capabilities while building on the principles provided by various blockchain networks, such as Algorand. Additionally, EGLD can also be used for staking, transaction fees and smart contract payments. 

Elrond’s goal is to provide the best answer for the blockchain trilemma—providing scalability while maintaining the network’s security and decentralization—as is frequently the case in the blockchain industry.

As the crypto market has steadily recovered over the second half of 2022, so did the eGold token price. By September, it was trading above $180 and has now climbed up to an all-time high of $294.92. It’s easy to see why the market is so optimistic about Elrond’s future prospects.

Orbeon (ORBN) is making a mark

Orbeon Protocol appeared on the market radar only very recently and is currently running a presale of its native token, ORBN. 

Any worthwhile crypto needs a concrete use-case and, in the case of Orbeon Protocol, it’s as solid as they come. Orbeon Protocol’s team goal is to act as a disruptor of the elitist, dismissive venture capital sector – by giving start-up companies the chance to raise investment capital directly from the community. 

By first minting NFTs to represent a startup’s business opportunity, Orbeon Protocol then fractionalizes them meaning anybody can back a project from as little as $1 each. This offers extreme benefits to regular people, as they can finally access previously exclusionary VC funding drives – while maintaining close proximity to the companies they’re supporting.

From a new business perspective – it is clear why so many are already jumping on the Orbeon Protocol bandwagon too, as it enables them to circumvent the venture capital intermediaries and go directly to a new source of funding.

The Orbeon Protocol native coin, ORBN, also provides other benefits to members in addition to investment opportunities; for example, it can be used for staking to generate passive income, and it also qualifies as a governance coin – holders will be able to vote on system updates and new projects. 

Next year, Orbeon Protocol will launch their own Wallet which will be decentralised, enabling members to hold and trade both crypto and fiat currencies from a convenient, central location on the platform. 



The presale phase is well underway and it’s a mark of how much market sentiment favours this project that $400,000 worth of coins was sold in just the first two days. Market analysts are predicting a price increase of as much 6000% by the time the presale closes at the end of January 2023. Over the longer term, there’s no telling how high ORBN could go. 

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