5 Yellow Emojis That Have Much Deeper Meanings

Yellow Emojis on Social Media

Every time we wake up in the morning and open our eyes, we see colors. They are already a significant part of our lives, and we love to see new hues and shades every day. Each one has an important story and meaning. Colors like blue and gray give a subtle and calm vibe, but seeing bright colors like yellow is a different story. Nothing else feels warmer than seeing the sun, sunflowers, and lemons.

Since yellow is such a lovable color, it also was applied to emojis. Emojis are mini digital icons that almost everyone uses to have fun conversations. Each one may have a deeper meaning since we have become creative with our emojis. Even emojis as simple as the yellow circle can have hidden messages behind them. You might be surprised how much meaning these emojis can bring.

5 Yellow-Colored Emojis That Have Much Deeper Meanings

1.   The Rosette Emoji

The rosette is a flower-shaped ornament used for awards in competitions. These ribbons are awarded to the top three winners and other special awardees, which makes this piece popular enough to be an emoji.

Little did we know these rosettes already existed during Ancient times. It was used to reward warriors who were victorious during wars and then became a military medal. In the modern days, it is frequently used for recognition or dedication to moms during Mothers’ day or a loved one during Valentine’s day. Since events and shows are seldomly done during this pandemic, you could send a yellow and orange-colored rosette emoji to congratulate a friend or family on their achievements.

2.   Fleur-de-lis Emoji

If you are into French architecture or might have held a box of playing cards,  you might have encountered the fleur-de-lis. It is a famous flower-looking symbol that is dominant in French culture and some parts of Europe.

The fleur-de-lis has been around for a lot of centuries already. It was frequently imprinted in ancient relics like in the gold helmet worn by the Scythians, nomadic people that lived from the seventh to third century BC.  They also used to debate about what the fleur-de-lis symbolized; it was either a lily or the yellow iris, hence its gold color.

Nowadays, the fleur-de-lis is used in different logos, printed in fabrics, and sculpted into walls and fences. You can also find it in modern architecture and art. So if you are on your France trip, you can use this emoji to caption your photos.

3.   The Moon Cake Emoji

The moon cake is a famous icon in Asian festivities, especially in China, where it originally came from. The yuèbǐng or moon cake is a baked Chinese goodie eaten during the Mid-Autumn festival; this is why it made it to the emoji list.  It is believed that the moon goddess, Chang’e, was the first one to make these cakes. In modern Chinese culture, it is meant to eat along with family.  There are many types of mooncakes, but the famous one is the round golden-brown cake with an intricate design on top. The inside is stuffed with all sorts of meats and lotus seed paste.

If you love to explore Chinese culture then the mooncake emoji is perfect for you to use. Especially, when you visit China to attend the Mid-Autumn celebrations. You can also send it to your family and friends to represent togetherness and prosperity. Since mooncakes bring a positive message, it has also grown popular in different parts of Asia, like in the Philippines, Hong Kong, and Japan.

4.   The Radioactive Sign Emoji

This yellow emoji is one of the famous hazardous symbols established internationally. The symbol uses yellow as background color in contrast with the black three-pronged fan; so it can be easily seen in dark areas. The radioactive symbol brings a deep and somewhat dark message because radioactivity is no joke. Everyone should be cautious once they see the sign; they should not wonder anymore why most prohibited areas have this sign.

If you are a thrill-seeking traveler and suddenly end up in nuclear plants or factories. You can use the radioactivity sign emoji to warn people of these dangerous places, and take precautions if they want to visit them too. This icon made it to the emoji list to let everyone know that radioactivity has some fatal consequences when exposed to.

5.   The Honey Pot Emoji

The honey pot emoji is an adorable one because it reminds us of Winnie the Pooh, but it also reminds everyone to acknowledge the hard work of the humble-bees. The honey pot emoji is a brown pot with golden yellow honey oozing out.

We all know that honey is delectable and sweet, but it is also super nutritious. That is why fitness gurus include it in their diet, and all of us should do the same. Collecting nectar from flowers to flapping their wings to make the sticky honey. It is interesting how honey bees work together to produce as much honey.

Using the honey pot emoji will remind everyone not to fear bees, but take care of them. They will surely give back twice as much honey if you help them protect their hive and the queen bee.

Key Takeaway

Modern society is indeed creative enough to relate colors to different emotions and vibes. The darker ones are usually low emotions, while the light ones are the high emotions. There is no question as to why people love the color yellow. It does bring a happy, warm, and positive vibe, especially during these trying times. Who knew that these beautiful yellow-colored emojis can have so much meaning to them.

The yellow-colored emojis are not only adorable icons, but they also convey strong messages. Them being in yellow, helped them stand out from the emoji crowd. So why not give these emojis a shot to be in your frequently used emoji lists? Use them in creative posts and conversations with your friends. If you want to know more about emojis, visit now.

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