5 W’s to Focus On While Writing Your Dissertation Proposal!

5 W's to Focus On While Writing Your Dissertation Proposal!

A dissertation proposal is the first step in writing your paper. Until and unless it gets accepted by professors, you can proceed with the writing part. Thus, you have to frame it very carefully. One mistake and everything go in vain. Therefore, be cautious and ask yourself many questions before submitting the final proposal to the professor. Or if you do not feel confident in structuring it, the better choice would be to take dissertation writing services from experts in the UK.

The professionals consider the 5 W’s to frame the blueprint of your dissertation. Because of them, it maximises the chances of approval from your educator. Thus, ask yourself such questions before you plan your dissertation structure.

A List of W’s to Consider in Your Dissertation Proposal!

You can not randomly write your dissertation proposal. Many times, it happens that you prepare a dissertation proposal without adequate research. It results in the rejection of your paper, and all your hard work goes in vain. Thus, ask yourself the questions below and see how quickly your professor says yes.


This a significant question without which you should never aim to write a dissertation proposal. Here is a list of questions:

  • What is the purpose of writing the dissertation?
  • What can be the best topic for the dissertation?
  • What is the probability of the professor liking the topic?
  • What can be the powerful thesis statement of the dissertation?
  • What will be the central idea or argument of the dissertation?


Why is also a prominent question and tells you the reason for writing the dissertation. Here are the points you should cover in the why section.

  • Why you are interested in the topic chosen?
  • Why you should research for it?
  • Why is the existing research not right?
  • Why should you dig deep into the topic of your dissertation?


Who covers all the people that you will include in your dissertation? This question you will also have to ask yourself in another academic task. To identify all those people in advance, seeking nursing dissertation help can be the best choice.

  • Who will be the best people to refer to for gathering the data?
  • Will such people help in collecting authentic data?
  • Who will be the people opposing your viewpoint?
  • Who will gain the maximum amount of advantage from your research?


When focusing on the duration of the dissertation. There are many topics that lose their relevance in the practical world. Thus you should focus on queries such as:

  • The topic you choose is historical or trending?
  • If it is an old issue, will it generate curiosity among the readers?
  • Does the popularity of the current topic hold significance in the practical world?


Where includes all the areas that will be part of your research process. It prepares you for the writing journey. Here are some of those points:

  • Where should you research for the dissertation?
  • Where will your results leave an impact( local, national, or international)

Now that you have an idea about the question you should ask before submitting the dissertation. You must also know how to write it; thus, the upcoming section contains a step-by-step guide for the best dissertation proposal.

What Is the Step-by-Step Guide to Write Dissertation Proposal?

Here is a list of steps to consider before writing the dissertation proposal. It makes your work easy. Thus, you can follow them if you want to hear a yes from your professor.

Come Up with an Idea 

Coming up with an idea or a topic is essential to submitting a dissertation proposal. Until and unless you are not sure what to write, you can not proceed further. Thus, try to choose a topic in which you have an interest and also analyse whether it will entertain the audience or not.

Write Introduction

After you decide on the topic, start writing your introduction. As you know, a dissertation proposal is only the outline of your paper, it is not necessary to write it effectively. It can be rough for all of you to provide a gist to the professor of what you will cover in your introduction. Also, state the thesis statement because your educator will focus on it first.

Describe Methodology 

The methodology section describes the research methods you have used in your dissertation. While stating the name of the approach, you should be able to convince your educator as to why your method is correct. How it can deliver relevant results in the field.

Outline Potential Results

The result is what you have derived from the research process. It tells what contribution you have made to the field. Thus, highlight the outcomes of conducting your research. It is also a significant stage in other academic papers. If you face any issues with this step, seek nursing dissertation help from experts.

Reference the Sources

Last but not least, you should include all the sources from which you have taken the reference. It gives the professor a gist of your topic and makes them understand whether you are moving in the right direction or not. Also, one of the most important things is that it saves you from academic penalties.

Write the Conclusion

The conclusion is the last section of the dissertation. Thus, it also plays a crucial role in the outline. After following all the steps, it is necessary to conclude; otherwise, your professor will not get an idea of what is the motive of writing the dissertation. Thus, try to make your conclusion crisp and user-oriented.

It is a step-by-step procedure for writing your dissertation. Thus, follow them wholeheartedly to submit a winning proposal to your professor. Or the best choice will be to opt for expert guidance. They know what can impress the professor in one go and craft the outline effectively for the best results. Thus, opt for the best solution!

Wrapping Up 

It is the complete guide to writing a dissertation. Still, if you have any doubts, it is better to take advantage of dissertation writing services. The experts ensure that they guide you through each step and make the journey easy for you. The cherry on the cake is that they are available around the clock which means you can ask your query at any time and resolve it instantly. Also, the experts deal with you in a professional way and guarantee to deliver your dissertation on time. The prices charged by them are nominal, which means they will not cost your pockets. So without thinking twice, grab this golden opportunity to see your academic graph rise

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