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5 Wildlife Controlling Methods

There are some animals like racoons, squirrels, and skunks that can be annoying for you. The prime reason for this is, they make your house the source of their food, shelter, and water. For example, you can find squirrels in the attic.

Also, they cause serious damage to your house like damaging wires, urinating or defecating in your place, etc. Moreover, they can cause plenty of diseases, for instance: hantavirus, rabies, and toxoplasmosis. The best measure you can take to control wildlife in your home is to hire wildlife animal control services, they can catch all the wild animals from your area and set them free in the environment.

Furthermore, there are many methods of controlling wildlife, some of which are in this article. 


In exclusions, the barriers, cylinders, nets, or fences are used to stop the access of animals in your place. This is the best prevention. Though, it can be costly if you have a large area to cover. This method needs many tools and techniques. Hence, it is better to get it done by any professional. 

Frightening Device

As the name of this method indicates, this device safely scares animals. For instance, these devices are of four types, like, audio, visual, visual-audio, and biological. From these methods, the wild animals get scared by these audio or visuals and stay away from your house.


There are different visual frightening devices like:

  • Scary eye balloons
  • Plastic owls
  • Mylar

These devices have different specifications and effectiveness as per the price of the device. For instance, some scarecrow devices move, and they work way more efficiently than manual homemade crows. A prime example of this is strobe lights that scare wildlife animals like raccoons and squirrels.      


Repellents are the kind of chemicals that stop animals from touch, pain, fear, or aversive conditioning. If you want to see it yourself, you will need a license. The reason is, in many countries, a license is needed for purchasing these pesticides. 

However, the level of effectiveness of these pesticides depends on :

  • The skill of the one who is applying the repellent 
  • Alternative resources 
  • Ingredients of the repellent 
  • Experience of the applicator 


As its name sounds, it is a method in which toxic chemicals are used to kill problem animals. This method should be used by any professional wildlife control services because you need to be extra careful while applying these chemicals in your area. 

Moreover, if you combine this method with other WDM, like the exclusion method, the effectiveness would be increased. 


You can try other effective methods of removing problem animals from your house. Though, it would be best if you hire wildlife control services to do this for you. 

The reason for this is, many tools and techniques are needed for the application of these methods. Also, some methods have plenty of risk factors that only a professional can take care of. Therefore, for removing wildlife from your house, consider hiring the best wildlife control services.

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