5 Wellness Apps that You Need to Check Out this 2023

In today’s modern era, physical and mental wellness is a luxury that people barely have time and access to. From gym memberships, and yoga classes, to meditation courses, the road to a sound mind and body is a challenging path that people simply have to navigate despite the fast-paced times and their hectic schedules.

But as more tech advancements and digital breakthroughs happen by the minute, the accessibility to these traditional activities have become readily available – right at everyone’s fingertips. Today, wellness apps are emerging left and right designed to bring back vigor, positivity, and physical guidance to people despite their busy lifestyles.

Since 2020, their popularity skyrocketed at an unprecedented rate. And as time progresses, this trend is very likely to stay, with individuals increasingly familiarizing themselves with the convenience of wellness apps, valuing their flexibility and accessibility. 

Here are 5 wellness apps that users need to check out this 2023:


Sleepwave uses motion-sensing technology to track users movements while they sleep. It uses a smart alarm to wake users up at a great moment so they start their day feeling refreshed.
Sleepwave is designed to eradicate sleep shame and empower users to take back control of their sleep routine. Rather than dictating the optimal bedtime or bombarding users with a sleep rating when they wake up, Sleepwave allows users to rate their own sleep based on how they feel and log any factors that may have influenced their sleep, such as food, alcohol or exercise, to help identify patterns.

Happy Things

Happy Things is designed to make happiness accessible to all. Co-Founders Talia Soen, CEO, and Noa Fenigstein, CMO, are leading a movement of happiness as a way of life, with the goal of building the most effective, personalized products to make the world a happier and kinder place. 

Happy Things is founded on the fundamentals of positive psychology, drawing upon numerous studies and decades of research to uncover what truly brings happiness to people. This is done through simple, diverse, customized activities that can easily be incorporated into everyone’s daily lives. Moreover, their team emphasizes that happiness is for everyone, and by fueling one’s energy, attitude, and disposition, one can build a steadfast resilience to combat personal challenges and cope with negative situations.


Headspace serves as everyone’s lifelong companion for improving their mental well-being. Their team strives to make mental health support accessible to everyone, regardless of their background. Their flagship app offers a wide range of mindfulness tools for everyday life, including meditations, sleep casts, mindful movement, and focus exercises. 

Additionally, their enterprise solutions utilizes a human-centered approach, encompassing coaching, therapy, psychiatry, and EAP (Employee Assistance Program) services all under one roof. Their diverse team consists of mental health professionals, award-winning producers, and data scientists who collaborate harmoniously to assist millions of individuals worldwide in leading healthier and more productive lives

Fitness+ Time to Walk

Time to Walk is an exciting and motivational audio walking adventure exclusively available to Fitness+ subscribers on Apple Watch. It aims to motivate users to incorporate walking into their routines and enjoy the numerous advantages of this healthy activity. Time to Walk episodes invite users to embark on a captivating walk alongside influential and captivating individuals who share insightful stories, captivating photos, and delightful music. 

Every episode is influenced by the guest’s own impactful and transformative experiences. It encompasses valuable insights gained, significant memories, reflections on purpose and gratitude, lighthearted moments, and other stimulating subjects. These conversations are recorded while the guest is walking outdoors or in places that hold personal significance to them.


YouAligned is a platform that supports individuals in achieving optimal well-being through a holistic approach to the mind, body, and life. Initially centered around yoga-related content such as informative articles, tutorials, and product reviews, the platform has grown to encompass a vast collection of articles and numerous online classes focused on yoga, fitness, and overall wellness.

The team behind YouAligned aims to provide a comprehensive resource that supports you in living a healthy and fulfilling life. Over time, they have become a reputable and reliable source of information in the fields of wellness and yoga.


Calm is a mental wellness app for sleep, meditation, and relaxation. Its purpose is to assist individuals in effectively managing stress, improving their sleep quality, and leading happier and healthier lives. Calm serves users from over 190 countries with a wide and diverse library of original audio content available in seven different languages.

Calm also offers a corporate solution called Calm for Business, which provides a comprehensive approach to mental fitness and resilience as an employee benefit. Calm was co-founded by Alex Tew, known for creating the Million Dollar Homepage, and Michael Acton Smith, who also co-founded Mind Candy, Moshi Monsters, and Firebox.

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