5 Ways You Can Help Fight Discrimination In Healthcare

Are you wondering how you can help in the fight for equal medical care for all? Click here for five ways you can help fight discrimination in healthcare.

Did you know that according to research published in May 2020, Black individuals in the United States had a 3.57 times higher COVID-19 mortality rate than White people? Healthcare professionals should be more mindful of how we engage patients. There has been a rise in discrimination against marginalized communities.

Unfortunately, the medical and dental industries share the same negative behaviors. Healthcare discrimination exists in the types of exam tools used, and the ways conversations are initiated.

Here are ways you can help reduce discrimination in healthcare.

1. Make Sure to Have Insurance Covers

This must be regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, age, or any other characteristics. You can research different insurance companies and health plans to compare coverage options. Find one that doesn’t discriminate against any patient. You can advocate for more inclusive plans in your community and across the country.

2. Educate Yourself on Social Injustice and Inequality

Learning about this issue can help you understand how discrimination in healthcare perpetuates injustice. Make allies in the fight against discrimination. Speaking about your own experiences and the issues you encounter can help educate others. It creates an atmosphere of inclusion.

By taking the initiative and speaking out, you can ensure that people facing discrimination can experience social justice in healthcare.

3. Volunteer Your Time or Money to Fight Discrimination

Donations to organizations can help provide access to healthcare to individuals. Volunteering in your local area to tutor or mentor individuals in need of healthcare education or health literacy can also have a positive impact on eliminating healthcare disparities. Getting involved in local political efforts to increase healthcare access for individuals of all backgrounds is another way of helping to fight the injustice of healthcare disparities.

4. Speak Up When You Witness Discrimination in Healthcare

Discrimination takes many forms. It can generally be defined as treating people differently. It is based on their race, background, gender, or lifestyle choices.

Often, this discrimination is intentional and can lead to unequal and unfair treatment. Whenever you witness a person or group of people being discriminated against, take action. You can use your platform to share your experiences.

Help advocate for justice in the healthcare industry. By raising awareness and facilitating open conversations about medical care discrimination and its consequences, you can help advocate for change.

5. Advocate for Increased Training and Protocols for Medical Professionals

Discriminatory incidents often stem from inadequate understanding as well as overlooking cultural biases. These put certain groups of people at a disadvantage. By calling for higher standards of training and protocols, providers will become more aware of their own biases.

They will know the consequences of their decisions and interactions. Not only would this lead to equal treatment but also greater trust from the community to receive the care they need.

Stop the Discrimination in Healthcare

There are many ways we can help to fight discrimination in healthcare. We can urge politicians and healthcare providers to guarantee access to equitable healthcare. We can also engage in active listening, educate ourselves on discrimination on all levels, and stand up for those who speak out against discrimination.

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