5 Ways to Upgrade the Way You Send Mail

Traditional mail is perhaps one of the most exciting ways to hear from someone and receive something special.

While many live online and receive most of our mail over email notifications, there is something magical about receiving an attractive package or letter in the mailbox.

Especially over the last two years, when many of us have felt more disconnected than ever before, sending and receiving physical mail is a thrilling experience that can be memorable and make a real impact.

This applies to personal mail you send to a friend or family member or a package you send as part of your business.

Regardless of the reason to send your mail, you should look at upgrading the way you send mail to make a real impact this year. We have rounded up the top ways to do this—many of which are easy, straightforward, and will not cost you that much more.

Here are the top ways to send mail in 2022.

1. Use a Mailer Box

Whether you want to send a personalized assortment of small gifts to your friend or make a real impression on your customers from their eCommerce orders, custom mailer boxes are a great way to upgrade the way you send mail.

You can design the mailer boxes to be the perfect dimensions and have the perfect support of the products within, but you can also get creative with the colors and designs. Make your custom mailer box pop out in the mailbox with a vibrant and happy hue, or make the design represent your brand.

Then, inside, organize all the items to that when the box is opened, it has the real “wow” factor. This extra effort will resonate with the recipient and is a great way to upgrade the way you send mail.

2. Master Calligraphy

The art of handwritten letters and address labels is an art that will forever be appreciated and cherished. While you can easily type up a letter on your computer and have that printed off, taking the extra time to write what you want to say by hand makes that piece of mail super special.

The same goes for address labels too. While a computer-printed label is an easy way to seal the deal before sending, a handwritten label goes the extra step and can make the mail look way more personable and exciting to the recipient.

There are many great calligraphy classes you can take online or in person. Invest in a quality calligraphy pen, practice your handwriting and make your mail look like an actual piece of art.

3. Get Creative with Stamps

Another fun way to stand out is by having fun with the stamps you use to send your mail. Regardless of what you send in the post, you will need to have a stamp to confirm that you have paid the proper amount to receive the service.

But rather than using the same old boring stamps, why not create your own? You can brand them to be aligned with your brand identity or use fun imagery that adds color and joy to the package.

Another fun way to make mail more interesting is using a wax seal. This was a traditional technique used years ago, but now more than ever can also really upgrade the look and feel of mail. The wax seal is beautiful, but it can easily be personalized too.

4. Wrap It Up

Another easy hack to upgrade mail is to wrap it like an actual birthday present or Christmas present. There are so many different styles of wrapping paper to choose from, along with different accessories such as ribbons or bows. These are likely something you already have at home, so you can simply grab them from your closet without running out to the store.

This is a great way to make sending something in the mail personable and signify that they are about to open something super special to the recipient.

5. Put Effort Into the Interior

Another critical factor that is often overlooked is the interior of the mail itself. For example, you will want to put as much effort into making the inside look as good as the outside. You can accomplish this with a range of techniques, such as the filling you use in a box or adding special elements like confetti to the inside of an envelope. Details matter with mail and you should make every part of opening it as special as you can.


There are so many ways you can upgrade your mail. Your mail will be special and have a real impact from custom-designed mailer boxes to using what you already have at home.

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