5 Ways to Stay Comfortable While Working from Home

We now beginning year three of working from home, either full-time or part-time for many of us. While working from your home office, it is essential to seek comfort wherever and however you can.

Many people will likely continue remote working from home for quite a while, if not forever. So why not ensure that you can feel as blissed out as possible.

You can do many hacks to your home office to help ensure that it is enjoyable and productive for you. From having a wearable blanket on standby to setting up aromatherapy diffusers on your desk, we have rounded up the best ways to stay comfortable while working from home.

It’s a fact. The happier you are, the more productive you will likely be. And the more effective you can be, the more satisfaction you will probably get from your job.

So to help you strike up the ultimate work from home happy balance, try out these various tips and tricks that have worked for others in the same situation.

Pick Outfits You Love

If you feel great, you will likely have a much easier time getting comfortable and getting in the working zone. One of the biggest perks of not going into an office every day is that you can rock the athletic leisure styles and sit in clothes designed for comfort.

Plus, even if you need to put on a more professional-looking worktop for your morning zoom meeting, you can likely still get away with having leggings or sweatpants on underneath and house slippers.

So if you are going to be working from home for a while longer, then make sure to invest in comfortable clothes that are body positive and enhance your blood flow and circulation.

Snuggle Up in Blankets

Sometimes work can be stressful, and we all need a hug. Getting yourself a wearable blanket is one of the best things you can do to ensure your home office environment is as snuggly as possible.

Chances are, your home office will likely get cold. But, since you have to pay for the utility bills now, you won’t want to have the heater on all day long. So instead, you can wrap the wearable blanket around you while you type away responding to emails or doing your invoicing for the month.

Blankets always make everything better, and the same holds for work.

Get Surround Sound Speakers

If you are working from home, you may sometimes feel a bit lonely from how quiet it can get. A great way to get rid of the awkward silence and help you get into the groove is to invest in quality surround sound speakers for your home office. Then, you can quickly turn on your Spotify playlist, crank the tunes and get into the ultimate workflow.

Music has a direct effect on our mood too. So if you are struggling to get into your work for the day, try selecting happy and upbeat songs. You will probably notice a world of difference by simply being mindful of the type of music you play.

Have a Chill Zone

While your commute from work may have just gotten a whole lot easier, it does not mean that you should be sitting at your desk staring at your computer for eight hours straight. Instead, you will want to ensure that you have another area in the house for you to access that allows you to take a break from the madness of your workday.

If space allows, why not try creating a meditation or yoga room in your lounge or spare bedroom? That way, you can take a break from your screen, get your mind calm again, and get the blood circulation optimized so you can continue to be productive throughout the day.

Invest in Technology

Technology is our friend, especially when setting up the most comfortable workspace possible. Make sure that you set up your home desk to have a keyboard that is set up ergonomically and a mouse that is easy to use. The best is Bluetooth ones so that fewer wires are going everywhere on your desk.

Equally, you should consider getting a high-quality video camera if you need to be on a lot of video calls during the day. There is nothing more uncomfortable than looking at your screen and seeing a less than positive image of yourself. A quality camera ensures that you will look great when making an appearance to your colleagues online.


These are just a few ways to optimize your comfort at home.

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