5 Ways to Save Money when you are Relocating Your Car

When you are moving across the country to a new place, one of the biggest obstacles you will be facing is to relocate your car. 

Because of the big size, the weight and the fact that car relocating companies charge high prices for moving services, you might consider selling the car. 

But that would be the wrong decision. If you love your car, you can even relocate with it overseas. The cost you will pay a reliable auto transport company to move the car is less than what you will spend buying a new car. 

This does not mean that car movers cannot be exorbitant. They can! However, you don’t have to spend too much money, if you are smart. 

Try the following tips. They always work: 

1. Get free no obligation quotes and compare them

There are so many car shipping companies in the market today, and they don’t charge the same rates. Therefore, hit them up online, get free quotes from four or five companies and then compare them. 

These online quotes are estimates, but don’t dismiss them because you will have an idea of what to expect to pay. You can choose the company that quotes the fairest amount of money. 

Also, ensure you understand the kind of service the car moving company is quoting for. Is it a door-to-door service? Or is it a terminal to terminal type of shipping?

Something to note: Check the reviews of the company even before you check the price. You might sacrifice quality and features for a low price and regret later.

2. Ask for a discount

Ask and it shall be given. Besides, you don’t have anything to lose by asking. Many people looking for relocation services miss out on good discounts because they do not ask. Most companies calculate their prices inclusive of a discount margin. 

Do not even hesitate about asking for a discount. This is something you should do when you are getting a quote. You might be surprised that they are running an offer or a special promotion that can help you save money when moving your vehicle

Be sure to let the auto shipping company know your specific circumstances, if any. For example, many companies keep special deals for military veterans, others for students and so on. They also offer discounts for senior citizens. If you fall into any such category, let them know!

Ask whether they have a discount for people who book and pay in advance. Most companies offer discounts for such.

3. Relocate the car when it is not peak season

When it is moving season, car transporters are going to charge higher rates because the demand for their service is very high. 

But then there are the slower months such as fall and winter, there is a lower demand for their services, so they are not going to charge you a lot of money. 

Please note that if you want to sell your home and move, winter is not a good time to sell, as homes sell slowly then. Thus, do your math well so that you don’t miss out on an opportunity to sell your home looking for discounts on auto shipping. 

4. Try terminal to terminal shipping instead of home delivery

There are two types of auto shipping services. The first one picks your car at home, carries it to their terminal, loads it up, ships to your destination, and delivers the car to your new home on a flatbed truck. For this, they will charge more money.

But you could opt for terminal-to-terminal shipping, where you drive your car to their depot. The movers will then look at the car, taking down details and noting down any dents or scratches. 

At the terminal of destination, pick the car and drive it to your new home. This will shave off a good amount of money from the charges because terminal-to-terminal car relocation is cheaper. 

If your car is faulty, and you cannot have it repaired before moving, terminal to terminal shipping may not be a good idea. Be honest and disclose any faults with your car before shipping. That way, the movers will know how to handle it. 

5. Drive the car to your new destination

Is the place you are moving to is less than 500 miles away? Consider driving the car there. This will be much cheaper and even more enjoyable. Besides, all you need to do is fill her with gas, and hit the road. Make sure your car is roadworthy. 

Car relocation services are cost-effective on long distance moves, where you don’t want to rack up your mileage. For moves within the same state, just drive there. If the drive will take 10 hours or less, drive. You will just need to follow tips for long distance driving, such as catching a break every 3 hours, taking refreshments and so on. 


Perhaps you are thinking of selling your car rather than move with it. You think buying a new one after your move is easier. 

Stall that thought for a moment. 

How is your credit score? With the move, looking for new schools for your kids, and so on, can you handle the cost of a new car?

The second option is moving with the car. For long distance relocation, you will find the relocation charges more affordable than when moving short distance. On top of that, you can ask for a discount, and save even more cash! 

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