5 Ways to Keep Yourself Updated on Cryptocurrency News

Cryptocurrency has been a huge phenomenon in today’s world. Millions of people have been involved in this multi-billion dollar industry. As of 2022, there are over 320 million users of cryptocurrency globally. That’s enough to estimate the scope of crypto and how it’s going to change the world.

If you are new in this world or trying to become a part of it, you can keep yourself updated with the latest trends, news, and updates in crypto through these 7 significant ways.

1. Crypto Twitter

Twitter is a huge platform, and there’s a thread for everything. If you want to be current with cryptocurrency, you can do that by following the Twitter accounts of renowned crypto users and enthusiasts, following crypto-related topics, and joining crypto Twitter communities. Make sure you are following the people involved with the currency and blockchain that you are.

That way, you will always be one “refreshed” away from seeing the latest crypto updates on your Twitter timeline, no matter what currency you are dealing with.


If you’ve got YouTube, you don’t need anything else. No matter what you want to learn about, there’s a video of it on YouTube. 

Just search for the topic you are interested in and you’ll see numerous videos about it. Check them out, and subscribe to the channels of the ones you like. If you press the bell icon also, you will receive notifications whenever the channel uploads new content. 

That way, you can be just one notification away from accessing your favorite crypto YouTuber.

3. Blogs

Blogs are a great source of information. Almost every topic on the internet has a blog created about it. The same goes for cryptocurrency. 

In blogs, you not only get to hear about the latest and updated news and trends about crypto, but you also get to listen to people’s opinions and their experiences through comments and featured blog posts.

A lot of blogs have newsletters coming out every week or month, which means they send you every week’s or month’s update all together.

4. Crypto News Sites

Similar to YouTube channels and Twitter accounts, there are news websites that are related solely to updates, trends, press releases, and forecasts of cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoinsentralen.

These news websites work in similar ways to usual news websites, except all news here is about cryptocurrency. If you sign up with your email on these websites, there’s a chance they’ll update you through email if a piece of news comes up that you might be interested in.

5. Facebook Groups

There are public and private groups on Facebook where all cryptocurrency users, experts, and enthusiasts come together to discuss the latest news, updates, trends, forecasts, opinions, and experiences. 

If you become a part of these groups, you will hear from all kinds of people about all kinds of things, which will keep you fully informed about the opinions of industrialists and common users as well.

6. Reddit

Reddit is one of the most used apps for such purposes. Experts, industrialists, users, and enthusiasts all have a Reddit presence because things come far too quickly on Reddit than other apps and mediums. 

There is a subreddit called “r/CryptoCurrency” that is related solely to people who are interested in crypto and want to be updated about its trends and forecasts. Then there are other subreddits for specific cryptocurrencies, such as “r/Bitcoin” and “r/Ethereum.”

Depending on the currency you would like to be involved in, you can join these subreddits and get in touch with the latest news.

7. Project Website

This one is obvious, isn’t it? Well, it was worth a mention. Project website means the website of the cryptocurrency, such as the website of Bitcoin or Ethereum. 

Reputable cryptocurrencies all have a website that explains everything about the currency. These websites will also provide you with links to relevant blogs, news websites, and social media accounts. 

You can use project websites to create a roadmap for your investment, check out forecasts, hear experts’ opinions, and decide whether or not the project is worth your investment. These websites will also link you with marketplaces where you can buy and sell the currency.

We guess these ways will help you fine. You’re all set!

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