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5 Ways to Avoid Burnout as an Entrepreneur according to this Successful Founder

In addition to running a successful startup, Joresa Blount writes for multiple publications, which means she is constantly on the go: thinking of story ideas, talking to people and writing articles. Although she enjoys being busy more than laying around at home, burnout is also never ideal. Over the years, Joresa learned how to navigate her schedule in a way that prevents her from burning out. Here are 5 actionable ways she shares to prevent exhausting yourself beyond your limits:

Eat proper meals

When I have several assignments with approaching deadlines, all I can think (and worry) about is checking off everything on my to-do list as fast as possible. In such instances, I often prioritize work over eating meals regularly.

The truth is, regardless of how busy you are, you have to fulfill your basic necessities. Without eating properly, you simply won’t have the energy to get what you need done.

Do things one at a time

Oftentimes when my plate is full, I tend to try juggling all of my pending tasks. For instance, I’d work on multiple stories at a time. And at the beginning, I thought I was getting multiple things done in a shorter amount of time. In reality, I was working at a much slower pace because I would have to shift gears and write about a completely different topic.

Multitasking isn’t efficient when you’re a content creator. You have to think and write creatively, and switching between numerous assignments will slow down your thought processes. Be patient and finish one task before going onto the next to improve the efficiency and quality of your work. Most directly, working on one article at a time lets your thought process flow much more efficiently.

Have a hobby

Take in an activity or sport that you genuinely enjoy doing. The hobby doesn’t have to be super ambitious or creative, but having something you do purely “for fun” pays huge dividends in keeping you sane in high-pressure situations. Even simple activities like coloring can help you release anxiety caused by overworking.

Of course, you should rest when you have time, but finding another outlet to relieve stress is important in maintaining a healthy mind. Having fun amidst your busy work life is a good way to avoid wearing yourself out.

Sleep enough — not too much, not too little

The key to preventing tiredness and grogginess throughout the day is to sleep for the right number of hours. Although this varies from person to person, the average adult needs between seven to nine hours every night.

I used to believe that sleeping for a long time would make me less tired, but that is not always true. However, sleeping for too long actually made me less energized and more groggy, which led me to tire out even more during the day. Sleep just the right amount!

Do something relaxing once in a while

From time to time, I treat my mind and body to a relaxing activity to relieve stress. Some ideas include doing yoga, meditating, receiving a massage, taking a bath, going for a walk and exercising.

I even consider lighting a candle and laying in bed relaxing — anything can be relaxing if you let your mind completely rest.

I love being busy and productive, but I try to remember to let myself rest. When I’m worn out, I become pessimistic and unmotivated, which are some signs of burnout.

Maintaining your physical health and mental health can help you become more successful in your work. Consider reaching out to a therapist at BetterHelp. Live a balanced lifestyle: have fun, be happy and do well in everything that you do.

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