5 Ways Technology Can Help You Sell Your House

ways technology helps in selling house

Selling your house is not an easy task, especially as a first-timer. First, you would need to devise ways of meeting potential clients. Other people create posters and pin them on peoples’ house doors. Posters prove to be an ineffective marketing strategy since people always tear them down. Also, rains wash them down. Moving door to door as another strategy hardly yields results. You will meet impatient people who do not allow you to speak while others slam the door on you.

Since moving from house to house is a frustrating experience, technology comes in as another alternative. We are going to discuss five ways technology can help you sell your house below.

Using social media websites

Depending on the social media website you have joined, you will always encounter people trying to sell their house. In most of these websites, you either need to befriend or follow people. Each time you create a post, your friends see it. Sometimes, people, you do not follow, also see your post. In case your friends see your post, they may ask you to sell it to them. Other times, they may refer you to a friend they know who wants a house. This strategy works since you slowly build a network of clients. Depending on your post, it will either attract people’s attention or get ignored.

Ensure your post is neither vague nor wordy. Vague posts will make your followers ask for endless clarifications. For example, a vague description like “the house has a living room” does not cut it. Most people expect houses to have living rooms. A better description would be “the living room has a coved ceiling and its windows face the beach.” Such a statement gives a rough idea of how the living room looks like.

Wordy posts that comprise ten paragraphs will be ignored since most people online prefer summarized information. Advertisements use few words to describe a product, so use the same principle when it comes to developing your post. For example, this statement “the house is enormous, gigantic and massive” is wordy since the descriptions mean the same thing. You can leave out any of the two descriptions and word it like this, “the house is enormous.”

Capturing high-quality images of your house

To build upon the aforementioned post, you need to capture your friends’ interests. Writing a description of your house online without a picture accompanying it will not gain any attention. You will therefore need to take clear images of your house either with a camera or your smartphone. Some phones take clearer images than others, so ensure that is the case with your phone. If yours doesn’t take clear pictures well, ask someone with a clearer phone to photograph your house. Ensure you take photographs of each section of your house and include a caption for each.

Conduct video tours

For those who are not camera-shy, conducting video tours online is yet another effective way. You can conduct these virtual tours on online sharing video platforms. The platforms allow you to either record in real-time or upload pre-recorded videos. Videos also save you the trouble of having to come up with written captions since the video communicates the message you are trying to pass clearly. It would help you more if you can describe the measurements of your house.

Property listing sites

These are websites that specifically allow you to post an item for sale, in our case; a house. People who wish to purchase houses can log on to the platform. The beauty of this website and others like it is that it allows you to sell your house to clients or owners of the website otherwise known as quick property sale. Due to the options you have, you can be guaranteed to close a sale.

Insertion of maps in your post

Many people find it hard to explain directions to their place either in writing or words. To save you this trouble, some websites and apps can pinpoint your exact location. Once your location has been pinpointed, you can obtain a pin and coordinates of your location. The pin can be included in your post to help your potential clients find their way to your house.


Technology has become our way of life and you need to use it to your advantage. Selling your house in an archaic way to people who use technology will be met by laughs. Additionally, the people you are interacting with will be amazed at how little you know of technology’s effectiveness. It is thus a tool that enables you to sell your house to many people simultaneously.

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