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5 Ways a Product Video Can Boost Your Company’s Marketing

When you are looking to boost your company’s marketing, there are many options open to you, especially as the holiday season approaches.

Many people will opt for things like making over their company website or even investing in an advertising scheme via Google ads. These are fine, but there is one option that is not only going to boost your sales or customer engagement this year but is also predicted to be a big part of next year’s marketing: a product video.

It may seem like a lot of work, but investing in a company product video can help boost your marketing in several ways, and here, five of the top ones will be explored. 

Increasing Consumer Engagement

Investing in product videos is an engaging way to grab the attention of your target audience. Indeed, on social media, videos are the most shared and viewed content, meaning that if they are designed correctly, they can really up consumer engagement. You may need to invest in a product video production team, as they will be able to help you engage your desired audience in an entertaining and engaging way, but this is entirely up to you.

Better Product Understanding

In recent times, products have started to look a bit abstract, so releasing a video will provide a simple medium that will help to show how a product works, the benefits of owning one, and its key features. This interactive selling point will make it easier for your potential customers to truly see the value of your product and the advantages that come with owning it.

Enhanced Search Engine Optimization

How does a video help you get a higher ranking on Google and other search engines? Well, having embedded product videos on your website will improve your search engine rankings, as search engines will prioritize websites that actively upload videos. You will need to ensure that the videos are adapted for mobile searches and mobile devices and that they do not slow the website loading time down. 

Social Media

Social media was mentioned earlier, and when it comes to attracting customers or clients, it can go a long way toward attracting people to your website. By sharing product videos on social media pages like Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok, you will increase the visibility and engagement of your product and company. This is why it is important to have an appealing and attractive video that will allow you to tell a story.

Brand Building

Most people will have seen a video that has a line similar to ‘here at (company name) we believe in (blank).’ This is known as brand storytelling, and videos offer your company a chance to explain more about who you are, what your mission is, what your values are, and, most importantly, how you came to be in charge of your business. This will help your company to create an emotional connection with your audience and potential customers, which has been found to boost brand loyalty.


Investing in a product video can significantly enhance your company’s marketing efforts by increasing consumer engagement, improving product understanding, boosting search engine optimization, maximizing social media visibility, and fostering brand loyalty.

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