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5 Underestimated Digital Marketing Strategies You Should Consider Using

Digital Marketing Strategies

Every single marketer out there knows about the top digital marketing strategies that are tried and true, like content marketing, email newsletters, and social media marketing. But, there are basically dozens of types of marketing you can use. And they can be incredibly effective in several situations.

The following digital marketing strategies are highly underestimated at the moment. They can support your branding campaign and get you closer to your goals.

Distributing Infographics

Only 19% of digital marketers now use infographics but you might want to be among them. This is particularly the case when you need to distribute a lot of data and you do it on social media.

Obviously, visual content is always preferred because it is more engaging. With infographics, you present data in useful ways. People get the information they need and the brand is seen in a better light.

Interviews With Industry Leaders

Getting published in the top industry publications or employing the services of an influencer can be expensive but organizing an interview with an industry leader is not. An interview with someone who has a high authority in your industry has the huge advantage of quickly being exposed to a new audience, the one of the industry leader.

It needs to be noted that many interviews are really boring and are not attractive to readers. The trick with this marketing strategy is to organize the interview in a way that is entertaining.

Creating A Video Series

While video marketing is huge right now and marketers keep talking about how effective it is, the truth is that several video marketing strategies are highly underused. The video series is an example of that.

The trick is to create a video series that is related to the brand and interesting for the intended audience. As an example, maybe your audience responds in a positive way to posts that are spotlighting employees. You can easily create a video series with these spotlights.

Using SEO Tools In Different Ways

Countless SEO tools can be used in order to strengthen your website and get better search engine rankings. But, you can use those tools in several other ways. For instance, let’s say you want to launch a new product. With the use of keyword research SEO tools, you can find great names for that product. This makes it easier for people to find them.

To put it as simply as possible, the SEO data you already have and use can help your business even more.

Partnering With Micro-Influencers

As already mentioned, influencer marketing is quite expensive. It is difficult to arrange partnerships with influencers who have a very large following. This is especially the case for smaller businesses with limited budgets. To get around that, you can still go for the micro-influencers who have a smaller following online, maybe thousands instead of millions.

The trick with this strategy is to choose a few micro-influencers with a following made out mostly of your target audience. If you manage to do this, you will get very good results with a lower financial investment.

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