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5 Types of Cool Season Weeds and How to Get Rid of Them?

Cool season weeds are the most common types of weeds you’ll find growing in your lawn and garden. These plants go through their growing cycle when the ground temperature stays between 50 degrees Fahrenheit and 80 degrees Fahrenheit, lasting between early spring and late fall. Cool season weeds are tough to spot at first, but they can grow into large patches of plants before you even know they exist! 

Read on to learn about 5 common cool season weeds, along with tips on how to get rid of them in your yard and why hiring Lawn & Weed Control Company is essential.

1) Dandelions

Dandelions can be identified by their jagged leaves, white flower petals, and a yellow center. These weeds are most common in the cool season months. If you notice one growing in your yard, there’s a few ways you can get rid of them. The first is to dig up the plant at the root using a spade or shovel. Alternatively, you could use weed killer or boiling water on the leaves to kill them off. However, if these are not available, burning them down with a lighter will also work!

2) Chickweed

Chickweed is a low-growing plant that can be found in gardens, lawns, and pathways. It grows close to the ground so it’s hard to see unless you’re looking for it. Chickweed thrives in moist soil with dense shade and can grow up to two feet tall. 

This weed is not difficult to remove, but it can take time because chickweed has a long taproot. To get rid of chickweed, remove any visible plants by hand. Then apply a herbicide that contains triclopyr or 2-4 D on the soil where the chickweed was growing.

3) Henbit

Henbit is a common cool season weed that has a white flower. The leaves are hairy and grow opposite one another on the stem. Henbit will grow up to two feet high. It can be found in moist soil such as those around ditches, ponds, wet meadows, riverbanks, roadsides, railroad tracks, gardens or lawns. 

Henbit can also be found growing in full sun where it competes with weeds for space. It spreads by seeds but also by creeping rhizomes which allow it to spread rapidly into other areas. When hoeing or tilling the soil it is important not to miss this weed because if you do it will come back stronger than ever!

4) Purple Deadnettle

Many types of weeds grow in the cool season, but not all are created equal. Purple deadnettle is often mistaken for clover, so it’s important to know how to distinguish between these two plants. Several features can be used to tell them apart, including leaf shape and texture, stem colour, and flower colour. 

Deadnettle leaves are heart-shaped while clover leaves are oval. The purple deadnettle stem is covered with hairs while the clover stem is usually hairless. Also, the deadnettle has a four-petaled flower that may have purple or pink markings on the petals while the clover has a five-petaled flower with no markings.

5) Mallow

Mallow is a cool-season weed that is usually found in pastures, roadsides, or low ground. It can grow as tall as three feet tall with leaves that are large and oval-shaped. The flowers that bloom on the plant are small pink blooms. 

It contains a milky sap which is poisonous if ingested by humans. Mallow will often be mistaken for dandelions due to their similar appearance, but the two plants can be easily distinguished because while dandelions have jagged leaves, mallow has smooth ones. Mallow grows best in moist soil which means it thrives in areas where there is water or mud such as near rivers or streams.

Why Hiring Lawn & Weed Control Company is Essential?

The best way to get rid of weeds is to hire a professional Lawn & Weed Control Company. They have the best products, knowledge and experience for proper weed control treatment. You don’t want your family exposed to any pesticides that you can buy at the store because they can be hazardous to your health. And you don’t want your family’s pets exposed to these chemicals either. Dogs are especially vulnerable because they lick their paws after they’ve been in the yard or garden. 

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