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5 Top Tips for Mixing and Matching Bridesmaids Dresses

Bridesmaids Dresses

While it may sound like a free for all, the mix and matched bridesmaids dress trend is anything but.

If this is something you’re considering, great! Not only are you going to have awesome pics, your guests are going to take notice – and delight in what you come up with – if you do it right.

We’ve got 5 top tips to ensure that you knock this look out of the park, in the hottest, most stylish way possible.

1. Tone it Down

If you have a favorite color, you’re going to love this one. It lets you revel in that color, illustrating it in all its glory.

As an example, think of the color green. There are so many hues. You’ve got moss green. Sage green (gorgeous!). Emerald green…

Showcasing different hues of the same color adds depth and visual interest.

In a massive transition from the old tradition, some brides even choose to dress their bridesmaids in different shades of white, such as creams and other light shades.

Continuing with green as an example, the best way to nail this look is to tell your bridesmaids to get a green A-Line dress. The different shades and slight variation in style look effortless and polished. The added element of visual interest in the different shades of green adds a unique, less rigid, more “flowy” look. This works well with outdoor weddings that embrace a forest or other natural ethereal, “look how gorgeous we are without even trying” appearance.

2. Same Style Different Color

If you’re a fan of a good candy bowl and get giddy over pops of bright colors, or if you want to add some whimsy and fun (without totally turning it into a circus) go for it!

One way to achieve this – without ditching glamor and sophistication entirely – is to choose a particular dress, and have it made in different colors.

Perhaps you use the colors that are already part of the color scheme, or perhaps you decide that amber, kelly green, lemon yellow, and red would be a fun way to add some unexpected color.

In order to get this look right, it’s a good idea that the dresses are uniform. The best way to do this, and make sure they fit each of your girls correctly, is through dress alterations. Make sure you don’t skip the dress alterations. Actually, this goes for every look. Ensuring dresses fit well is the best way to ward off frumpiness or other uncomfortable ill-fitting situations that detract from the overall beauty and feel of your big day. Here’s everything you need to know about dress alterations.

3. Same Color Different Style

This look is basically the same as the last, just done in reverse. Pick a shade and material you love, and let your bridesmaids choose what style of dress they want made.

This is the easiest way to allow your ladies to feel comfortable with what they’re wearing, as choosing one dress for a group of people who have different styles, body types, and comfort zones when dressing up can mean some feel like they have to compromise.

To get this one right, it’s important that the same fabric is used, so the shade and the material match. We’ll say it again because it’s important: Dress alterations are vital.

4. Pretty in a Pattern

If you’re a sucker for a floral pattern, or have a small flower budget and are looking at incorporating blooms some other way, you’re allowed to choose dresses that have a pattern. Say what?

Remember all these ‘rules’ governing what was and wasn’t appropriate for bridesmaids to wear?

Those days are over, thank goodness.

Whether soft pastel prints, or small bright blue and yellow delicate forget me nots and daisy print – even stripes or an abstract pattern – no lie. You can choose patterns for your bridesmaid dresses.

Now, you want to make sure there’s something that ties these patterns together. If you’re going with a floral print, the similarity that binds the look can be the size of the flowers in the pattern and a uniform dress style. When done well, this look is charming. Just don’t go overboard, if there’s too much it can easily look sloppy and chaotic.

5. Tie it all Together

One of the best ways to ensure everyone knows who your bridesmaids are, is to have one thing that everyone all wears.

This can be a matching hairpiece, such as a flower garland, or it could be cowboy boots for your western themed wedding.

Maybe it’s more subtle, a gorgeous necklace or other piece of jewelry you gifted.

Whatever it is, having something that each of your bridesmaids wear that is an excellent way to tie the mismatched look together, and make sure they stand out from the crowd.


Now that you know how to achieve this look, go for it! Have fun, showcase your creativity and style, and be prepared to wow your guests.

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