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5 Top Places to Sell or Buy Property in New Jersey (NJ)

Real estate investments act as a good hedge against inflation. It is one of the best ways to secure a financial future. New Jersey is an appealing spot for investors in the United States as it offers high returns on investment. However, people there are furious at the slow home selling process and searching for how to sell my house fast in NJ.

One can find an amazing deal there. Those willing to enjoy the perks of investing in New Jersey can find the best real estate investment markets in New Jersey by reading this blog.

5 Best Real Estate Investment Markets in NJ

New Jersey, aka the Garden State, is seeing exponential economic growth. In addition, the officials have lifted the Covid restrictions, due to which people looking for jobs find this city attractive. So, if you are planning to pour money into the real estate sector in New Jersey, consider these investment markets.

Cherry Hill

Those looking for a property for long-term rentals can head toward Cherry Hill. This city is great for families due to its strong job market and highly rated-public schools. In addition, Cherry Hill is one of the best real estate investment markets since the value of homes is steadily increasing in this city. Cherry Hill is the 12th most populous city in the state. But, there are impressive stats, just 21% of Cherry Hill residents are renters. At this location, one can buy properties at a pocket-friendly price while renting, then sell them for capital gains.


Camden will be a great option if you are looking for the best real estate investment markets in New Jersey. With below-average home values, high property appreciation rates, and opportunities for long and short-term rentals, it has become a great place to invest in. In addition, approximately 40% of residents in Camden are renters.  

Thus, there are plenty of opportunities for renting out properties in Camden. Besides, investors interested in building new properties can get ahold of an old property at a cost-effective rate. This city is full of older homes that haven’t been updated since World War II. One can modernize those older homes and can help accommodate the growing population.


Another place where long-term investors can go is Newark. It is one of the fastest-growing cities, with 311,549 inhabitants as of 2020. The city is attractive for singles and adults since it is simply a train away from New York. In addition, city officials are attempting to reduce the power of major investors. So, you can get an attractive deal there. According to reports, around 47% of Newark’s residential properties are owned by corporations.

Atlantic City-Hammonton

With a 66.9% homeownership rate, Atlantic City-Hammonton is one of the best real estate investment markets in New Jersey. In addition, people in this city are more interested in buying than renting, making this place best for home flippers.


A few things investors look into while buying a property are good property values, a robust school network, and beautiful neighborhoods. Summit has almost everything. This city is accessible via train and car from New York.

On the Final Note

How to sell my house fast in NJ is the most commonly asked question to realtors and professionals. It indicates a great opportunity to reach out to those individuals and get attractive deals. So, if you are on the hunt, consider buying in Camden, Newark, Cherry Hill, Atlantic City-Hammonton, and Summit. These cities are counted as one of the best real estate investment markets in New Jersey.


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