5 tips to try when an Orbi outdoor satellite goes offline?


The use of an outdoor satellite to increase the Orbi router’s coverage area offers several advantages. Plus, the Orbi app allows you to monitor and control the satellite at all times. But what if you need to do urgent business online and suddenly the satellite goes offline on you?

That’s quite the predicament, huh? Certainly, there are a variety of situations in which the outdoor satellite would be compelled to cease connectivity. Today, however, I will reveal the five steps you may take to restore the internet when your Orbi satellite goes offline.

Verify that the power is on

If your outdoor satellite has gone offline, likely, it is not operational. Verify that the power indicator light is consistently green to ensure proper operation. If the power indicator light is not on, then turn it on by pressing the power button.

The outdoor satellite should now be operational, if not go to the next step.

Reboot the outdoor satellite

There were perhaps some operational issues with the outdoor satellite. Don’t worry, just rebooting the outdoor satellite should take care of the problem. But a simple restart won’t do the trick, you’ll need to do the hard restart instead.

To do a hard restart, you must detach the satellite from its power source for roughly a minute before pressing the power button. Put the satellite to sleep and discharge its power charge completely. Get the power cord back into the satellite and hit the power to turn it on.

Assuming the technical issues have been resolved, the outdoor satellite should now be able to connect to the internet.

Switch to the relevant mode

Orbi mode and extender mode are the two operating modes that come standard with the outdoor satellite. If an Orbi satellite is not linked to the Orbi router, it will display an offline status.

A non-orbi router is required to connect the outdoor satellite in extender mode.

Accordingly, before using the Orbi outdoor satellite with an Orbi router, you must first switch it to Orbi mode. To enter Orbi mode, do the followings:

  1. First, turn off the Orbi by pressing the power button and leaving the power cord inside the DC socket.
  2. A sync button may be found next to the power button, to use it, press and hold it.
  3. While still holding the sync button, press the power button.
  4. When the top LED starts blinking blue and white, you may let go of the sync button.

The outdoor satellite has been switched to Orbi mode when the LED glows a consistent white color, which should happen soon.

You may now attempt to re-synchronize it with the Orbi router. To learn how to achieve it, please continue reading.

Re-sync the satellite to the router

There was likely a disconnection between the outdoor satellite unit and the Orbi router. reconnecting it to the Orbi router is essential, so here’s how to do that:

  1. The outdoor satellite has a sync button on the back that you need to press once for it to work. Once you do this, the satellite’s sync procedure will begin and you’ll have 120 seconds to get everything in sync.
  2. Manually synchronize the router by pressing the button once. The white flashing lights on the router and satellite indicate that they are trying to pair.
  3. The outdoor satellite’s LED will stay solid blue or amber for three minutes once the sync operation is complete.

If the LED on the satellite has turned magenta, it means that it couldn’t establish any connection. Carry out the next tip.

Position the outdoor satellite close to the router

Out-of-range conditions mean the router will be unable to communicate with the outdoor satellite. Indicating a bad connection, its LED will glow magenta. If this occurs, consider re-syncing by bringing the outdoor satellite closer to the Orbi router.

If you’ve exhausted all other options and still can’t resolve the problem at hand, here’s one last, desperate suggestion.

Hard reset the outdoor satellite

This is the only solution to any problem you may be having with your Orbi outdoor satellite. To return the Orbi outdoor satellite to its factory defaults, you must perform a hard reset. If you need to reset your outdoor satellite, you may do so by pressing the reset button that is located near the power button. Do the followings:

  1. After inserting a paper clip into the reset buttonhole, you should be able to push the reset button.
  2. The outdoor satellite may reset to factory settings by pressing and holding the reset button for 8 seconds.
  3. Once the outdoor satellite has been hard reset, it must be re-synced with the Orbi router.

You can always use the manual sync method or you can use the page to do the same.


Once you’ve done that, the problem with the Orbi outdoor satellite being offline should be resolved. If you’ve followed the instructions in the letter, your satellite should now be operational. Join our Orbi group if you’re curious about this topic or might use some assistance.

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