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5 Tips to Store and Use Your Haoqi E-bike in Winter


The end of an old year is near, and winter steadily approaches. If you are new to cycling, you may already be wondering what to do with your electric bicycle. The options remain to stash it properly for winter or keep up riding in the coldest period of the year. Whether you intend to keep riding or save energy for the incoming season, you are in the right direction. Winter can be a rough time to ride, so you have to be sure it is your plan.

Storing your electrical bike for the winter is different from the regular storage you are probably used to. If nothing, it needs more security and lasts for a prolonged time. With the extended snowing and rain expected in most places, proper storage of your e-bike is necessary against the next riding season. Keep reading for easy storage solutions and tips for using your e bike during winter. This one is for you.

Storing Your E-bike in Winter

Winter is usually a rough period for most machinery. This means your e-bike needs to be stored properly for the winter months, being a machine with oiled and moving parts. Some of the best tips for storing your e-bike against extreme winter conditions include the following:

Store in a Cool, Dry Place

Your e-bike is different from a traditional one because of a few modifications that enable it to produce electricity to power your riding. As with other electrical equipment, its parts are prone to damage from exposure to extreme temperatures. Saving it away for winter means you must ensure it is properly secured away from any extremity in temperature. For best results, store in a dry place with a temperature ranging from 30° to 70°. Alternatively, store in a dry garage in your home.

Take Care of Your Battery

The battery is probably the most sensitive part of your electric fat tire bike. This is why it needs premium care if it will be useful for the next riding season. Proper storage of your battery is important to preserve its life and capacity. First, ensure the battery remains detached from your e-bike. This can be done easily on your Haoqi e-bike. After removing it, keep the battery on a dry wooden surface beside your e-bike in the garage. Using a long-range e-bike with a lithium-ion battery like ours at Haoqi means any temperature between 30° to 70° is good enough for preservation.

Using your E-bike during Winter

If you intend to enjoy riding during the winter season, your Haoqi e-bike is perfect for doing this. Ensure to charge your battery fully and test the gears and brakes before venturing onto the streets. To enjoy safe rides during winter, do the following:

Clean Thoroughly

Like every other piece of machinery, your electric bike should be cleaned properly and regularly. Clean all parts with a piece of cloth and some water, and remember to keep the oiled parts lubricated. The dirt should be wiped and cleaned off the e-bike frame with some water, a sponge, and a dry cloth. Avoid direct contact with pressurized water that can damage more delicate parts. Your chain should be cleaned as part of this routine. If it has been exposed to dust recently, clean it and add more lubrication. Ensure to do this thoroughly before storing your e-bike away finally for winter and before getting on it again after time has passed.

Use a Helmet Always

Your helmet is your best friend on every ride, whether in winter or not. This makes it important that it accompanies you every single time. You should learn to feel incomplete without your helmet, as most injuries sustained to the head have a higher chance of being fatal. If you’re cold enough, you can wear light headgear under. The Trapper Hat is included free when you buy the Haoqi Cheetah e-bike. It can be worn under your helmet for added warmth.

Plan a Safe Route

Every successful trip requires a good plan, and the same goes for your e-biking. You need to prepare an adequate plan for your route before embarking on any trip this winter. Apart from the low temperatures of the season, draw a plan to take low-traffic roads. On such roads, you will still be relatively safe even if you lose balance due to slippery conditions. You can opt for some offroading adventure if there is a good trail for your fat tire e-bike.

Dress in Layers for the Weather

The persistent cold of winter is caused by rain, snow, and the wild winds of the season. If you dress for rainy weather alone, the weather may start changing slightly in some places, requiring more or less coverage. This makes layering one of the best ways to preserve internal warmth while riding. For better results, layering should be done with light, moisture-wicking material. It should be comfortable and easily wearable or removable to help you adapt to the weather conditions on the fly.

Increase Your Visibility

Your body provides most of the protection for your electric bicycle when you ride, so you must be visible enough to other motorists. Your first line of visibility is your e-bike’s headlights and rear lights. Check them to make sure they are still in prime condition. Wear reflective gear or bright-coloured clothes so your body can be visible too. You can add reflective tapes and stickers to your e-bike as well. As long as you’re seen, you can be assured of safety to some degree.


Electric bikes require another level of care during winter, whether you intend to store them for the next season or still embark on your regular rides. If your e-bike is going into storage, ensure it is in a cool, dry place where it will not be exposed to extreme temperatures. Riding during winter requires more from you than your bike. Using a Haoqi e-bike means you can enjoy better traction and grip during snowy and muddy road conditions. You only need to keep yourself and your Haoqi electric fat tire bike in prime condition. With this, you can be assured of consistently satisfying rides. Stay safe!

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