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5 Tips To Help You Prolong The Life Of Your Carpet

Carpets add a rich look to any room in the house. What should you do if you spot a minor spill? Or if your kids or pets have destroyed the carpet? Your carpet’s appearance gets ruined by cigarette burns, rips, and stains, and repairing it can be expensive. Carpet repairs are the best service to fix such issues.

If you feel that the seams of your carpet look ugly, you can avail of carpet stretching services by a professional. Many people think that once the rug gets destroyed even a little bit, they will either have to buy a new one or make do with the damaged one. Laying new carpets can be costly, and only some homeowners can afford it. In all kinds of carpet damage, you can either opt for a DIY carpet repair strategy or hire carpet Repair Geelong experts, depending on the requirement.

Easy Tips to Prolong the Life of your Carpet

In this article, let’s learn the five tips that can help you prevent your rugs from getting destroyed in the first place. This will, in turn, prolong the life of the carpet.

1. Vacuum regularly

It is best to get rid of the daily dust and grime your carpet gathers. Here are some tips for doing it correctly. Before vacuuming, make sure to thoroughly dust or sweep your home to prevent getting dust back on your freshly cleaned carpet. Ensure the rug is positioned correctly; if it is too high off the ground, the vacuum won’t be able to capture the dirt entirely, and if it is too low, both the carpet and the vacuum will be damaged. When it comes to vacuuming, take your time. This is because vacuuming at a slower speed allows it to pick up all the dirt embedded beneath the surface of your carpet.

2. No shoe policy

Even if shoes look clean, they still contain thousands of things you do not want on your carpet. Numerous substances, including lubricants, allergens, and more, stick to the bottom of shoes. After that, the shoes will wear down your carpet by leaving dirt behind. Take off your shoes before entering your home as a precaution to keep the dirt outside. If you don’t wear shoes inside, your carpet will stay cleaner, allowing you to vacuum less frequently and extending the life of your carpets.

3. Clean spots and stains immediately

As soon as you notice any stains or blemishes, clean them up immediately since the longer they remain on the carpet, the more they will be absorbed. If you don’t act quickly, it will seep into the fabrics and cause damage. Spots and spills will become permanent stains if they dry and solidify. Clean it soon to increase your chances of preventing lasting discoloration. Keep all food and drinks in the kitchen if possible to avoid staining your carpet.

4. Leave it to the experts

Another essential piece of carpet maintenance advice is to have your carpet professionally deep cleaned at least once every three to six months. DIY methods, household cleaning equipment, and solutions cannot permeate deeper into the carpet fibers. Your carpet will live longer if you work with a specialist like a carpet restretching Melbourne, and it will also look spotless and brand new again. Professionals offer carpet repair in Melbourne, carpet stretching, carpet cleaning, and other services at affordable prices. 

5. Keep carpets away from direct sunlight

Carpets can deteriorate very quickly when exposed to the sun’s UV rays. The damage will be most apparent once you remove the furniture from the carpeted area. The area around your furniture will fade and damage if you have not rearranged it in a while. The carpet fiber can become “baked” by bright sunshine, changing its texture, and causing it to degrade. Make sure that the strongest points of light entry are blocked using curtains or shades. If you move your furnishings around, the sun will not be centered in one place.

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