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5 Tips To Find A Phone Repair Service with Reed Louis-Jeune

Reed Louis-Jeune is the owner of Ultimate Phantom Corp. The site sells electronics, unlocks phones, removes viruses, builds electronics from scratch – the whole nine yards. He knows a thing or two about the phone repair industry and is an expert in his field.

Phone Repair Service

Reed’s helped hundreds of people with phone repair and as a focal point in the industry knows a lot about how it’s run and the ins and outs.

According to Reed, unfortunately, a lot of the mobile phones that you find scattered throughout the marketplace have exorbitantly high price tags. Likewise, people tend to use their phones for much longer than they used to. Because of this, it can make mobile phones very susceptible to getting damaged or broken. Likewise, it can make them susceptible to breaking down from everyday wear and tear.

With phones getting so expensive, replacing them is simply not an option. It’s very unlikely someone is going to be willing nor able to replace their phone every time they experience a problem with it. Rather, they will be looking to get it repaired by taking it to a professional repair shop. Luckily, there are plenty of different mobile shops that you can take your phone to. There are a variety of repair services that can help you get your phone back to working condition.

That being said, you could end up putting yourself in a situation where you have a bad experience if you don’t do your due diligence when choosing. Not only mobile phone repair services are created equal. Because of the various options available, choosing the right one isn’t always as cut and dry as it seems. Here are some of the best tips from Reed to ensure you can identify the right mobile repair service to rely on.

1) Read Reviews

One of the main things you should be doing is looking at reviews of the company in question. If the management of the company is confident enough to list testimonials and feedback on their website, they are likely a reputable company that you can count on. After all, they are proud of the feedback they receive and it shows they deliver on their promises. That being said, whenever you are reading the reviews, you want to ensure that they are authentic reviews. Check to see if the reviews are verified or if they sound doctored. Also, check to see what customers are saying about the service.

2) Do They Work on Your Phone Brand?

Everyone has different preferences when it comes to choosing a phone. Because each brand can have different repair processes, you want to ensure you are choosing a mobile repair technician that has experience working with your phone’s brand. The more experience they have working on the same phone you have, the better the chances you’ll get a satisfactory result. Some of these companies are so successful they work on everything from electric bikes like these to laptops to larger mechanical items

3) Do They Offer a Warranty?

Something you want to consider is whether or not the repair shop offers a warranty on the services they provide. You want to figure out whether or not they offer one because it can dictate the type of experience you have. Any repair shop that is willing and able to offer a warranty on their servicing is one that you can trust. After all, they aren’t going to offer a warranty if they don’t feel like their repairs will last. Go with a repair shop that can offer a solid warranty that you can use as a fallback option if something happens to your phone down the road.

4) Is the Company Registered?

This is something you need to consider too. Figure out if the company has been registered. Any company that has been registered has a reputation to protect. If the company has been registered, they have something to lose. Any licensed technician is going to use authentic parts when doing their repairs.

5) Do They List Prices?

Any mobile phone repair shop that offers their prices upfront is much more credible than those that don’t. You want to look for the shops that conveniently display their prices. That way, you can figure out which shop is offering the most competitive rates.

In the end, you want to choose a repair shop that offers good value for your money. Find one that has a good reputation and a lot of experience and you should end up with a good all-around experience.

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