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5 Tips To Find a Perfect Part Time Job

Most professionals in Singapore start their careers as part-time workers. And among them are students, fresh graduates, and professionals doing consultancy work. While part-time jobs seem to be the latest trend in Singapore, many young Singaporeans are struggling to secure them.

Admittedly, finding jobs not only in Singapore but globally can be challenging. However, you can increase your chances of landing a part-time job in Singapore with the best tips. Let’s dive into the best advice for finding your best part-time job.

Realign Your Qualifications with Your Job Hunt

One of the setbacks to successful part-time job hunting is a mismatch between people’s qualifications and the jobs they’re pursuing. To avoid such mishaps, identify your skills and start looking for jobs in your line.

With such a strategy, it will be easy to narrow down to particular part-time jobs in Singapore. Get to your favorite job board, open All jobs in Singapore and choose jobs that match your skills and qualifications. You can also signup for online classes to horn your skills to increase the scope of part-time jobs you can do.

Make a List of Your Ideal Job Listings

Note down your favorite job listings from the job board you are searching on. In most cases, you will not exhaust part time job Singapore options that are available. Choose the part-time jobs that you want to apply to and research the respective company’s culture. 

Different companies offering part-time jobs in Singapore have dissimilar corporate philosophies. Research about them and see whether they match your values. 

For instance, if you love a laid-back work environment, analyze a company’s website to determine if they’re casual or formal. For seamless operations, choose a company whose culture is what you believe in.

Expand Your Job Search

Do not rely on your favorite job board for listings. With modern technology, there are thousands of part-time jobs that job owners post on different online platforms. Do not restrict yourself to working for companies in Singapore. 

You can live in Singapore and work virtually for companies in the US or UK. For instance, many e-commerce platforms are looking for online workers to push their products online. Be open-minded to try out new things. It is beneficial to learn how to do new things than being ignorant.

Make a Follow-up on Every Job Application You make

You need to know that competition for part-time jobs is very high in Singapore. And as such, you have to stand out from the rest. After making your job application, don’t wait until you hear back from the employer.

With the high number of applications employers receive for a single position, they can bypass some applications. If you made your application via email, send a follow-up email after a week. Making a follow-up even after an interview shows that you are proactive, improving your chances of being shortlisted.

Take the Interview Seriously

Treat all interviews with the seriousness they deserve, whether you’re going for a physical interview or a virtual one. Most part-time job seekers in Singapore fail to proceed to the second phase of interviews because of simple mistakes. These errors include:

  • Poor timekeeping
  • Inappropriate dress code
  • Poor nonverbal cues

Remember that an interviewer is looking for someone who will work well and represent their business positively. Thus, if you show up late or fail to prepare appropriately, you may not get hired.

So how do you take an interview seriously? Read about the company where you’re interviewing and learn about their culture and values as much as possible. Dress appropriately for the interview and ensure that you arrive on time. 

If you’re attending a virtual interview, ensure to log in earlier and have good quality internet. And lastly, watch out for your nonverbal cues!

Get Started!

With the high demand for part-time jobs in Singapore, landing that perfect role can be a vigorous process. However, with the tips above, your chances of signing for your favorite part-time job are high. Start practicing them today for the best results.

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