5 Tips For Successful Digital Transformation Of HR

The days of human resources doing their critical yet mundane tasks are gone. With smart technology, they are able to digitise their work and get time to create an impact that matters the most. With the rapid digital transformation of HR, HR leaders and professionals are able to generate more ROI, capitalise on their effort, and retain top talent effortlessly. To know and grow your business better with digital HR solutions, read the blog post below. 

5 Tips To Initiate Digital Transformation Of HR In Your Company With Faster Implementation

HR Analytics

HR professionals leverage the use of HR analytics at their fingertips. Wherever they go, they can know the information they want about their employees. Making informed decisions is no longer a task. They get it done on their mobile phones even when they’re not physically or anyhow in the office at the moment. 

With HR analytics, CHROs or HR leaders know if their workforce is following the team culture. They know if the team is worthy of investing the resources and if they are eligible for further nurturing or not. 

Every important and critical information is accessible to them in a snap. This information can be related to leave and attendance, performance management, reviews, ratings, feedback, suggestions, and daily engagement. 

HR leaders also know if their teams are logging in and logging out on time. They can then further guide their team players and members to use the smart HRMS software efficiently to build their productive levels. 

Workflow automation

Workflow automation is the need of the hour for HR leaders and their teams to create a massive impact. With this type of automation, they can set up processes, tasks, and strategies. They know what tasks to automate and where their work will require human intervention.

It saves HR professionals time to work on new plans, policies, and strategies to digitise their workload. The more they automate the daily work, the more they have time to supervise and lead the software to fetch data on time. 

Human intervention is now only for important and critical tasks. There are multiple automated apps online now. This way, the easy-to-use human resource management system is the best solution for teams with flexible policies. The software helps them streamline the process in the long run. 

They no longer take tension to know what task to perform next. Rather, they have the knowledge about the follow ups that are going on. They also know the new hires they need to onboard, for example. 

It saves their time on constant follow ups or back and forth communication. 

eLMS training for the continuous learning curve of employees

It is time to take the learning online and digitise the same when we talk about the digital transformation of HR. That is because one of the important pillars of HR is to develop talent on the go. 

For that, HRs can invest in eLMS systems. That way, employees can learn new courses or chapters. Their learning does not stop. They can grow familiar with new chapters, webinars, and skills. It is important for them to scale up. 

Course creators or uploaders can assign different choices of courses to their employees. Team members can get automatic notifications on new courses to learn. Whereas reporting managers get instant notifications on how many courses are their team members subscribing to. 

eLMS is a one-stop solution for employees to learn new talent and digital skills. It makes them more equitable to the firm, and they become more of an indispensable asset to the team. 

Smart human resource management software allows courses in the eLMS to be offline. Employees can download the course materials and learn chapters on the go. Later, they can earn the certificate, if there is any. Then, they can upload the same skill in their profile or let their teammates endorse them for the same. 

Such learning solutions help employees to let go of the paperwork. They do not depend on Excel workbooks or notebooks. They learn with a few clicks on the computer or their mobile devices. 

Plus, these learning modules are interactive, easy to understand, and intuitive. It enhances employee experience on the go. Employees love to engage with the eLMS and get additional information added to their resumes later on for better job opportunities in the future. 

Paperless pre boarding and onboarding

Digital transformation of HR means giving new and progressive employee and candidate experiences. They do not go back to their conventional ways of applying for a job, commuting long hours to the office, and following up endlessly with no results. 

HRs job is easy and streamlining when they can hire a candidate and create a talent pool. A smart and complete HRMS software makes it possible for CHROs. They can easily give new candidates swift pre boarding and onboarding experience. 

No longer do they have to do heavy paperwork. The system itself can help recruiters to give KYC or pre boarding links to the new candidate. The applicant tracking systems help the team with informed and real-time insights. 

They know about how many new candidates are filling out their job vacancy application forms. They also know if the job portal or platform is efficient or not. If not, recruiters can always course correct their recruiting and hiring practices. 

Digital communication at your fingertips

For successful and meaningful HR digital transformation, there has to be an internal communication channel. By that, I am focusing on the social intranet. With a smart and interactive social intranet network, employees find it purposeful to communicate without wasting anyone’s time. 

They can wish their colleagues on their birthdays and work anniversaries. There is a constant notification to the staff whenever they receive a text or message on the social intranet platform. 

Moreover, they can receive instant notifications on upcoming birthdays and work anniversaries. Employees have options to create groups, discussion forums, events, polls, and surveys. All this and the rest of other options on a social intranet helps the team to connect consistently. 


In this blog, we read about the 5 ways to bring in more digital transformation of HR. There could be many other solutions as and when you test the complete HRMS in your company. 

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