5 Tips for Safe Internet Experience According to Outstanding UAE Tech Blogger: Rashed Ali Almansoori

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In a rapidly growing digital world and tech advancements comes a corresponding enormous number of users around the world. With this rapidly, growing digital world comes challenges and vulnerabilities as cyber threats become rampant. Not only are individuals at risk but also large corporations that spend millions on cybersecurity to protect their data.

This is why the importance of having Cybersecurity awareness has never been this important. Thanks to the tech experts around the world awareness have been facilitated, among the most prominent tech experts around the world worthy of mention is the tech blogger and innovator: Rashed Ali Almansoori. A well-known name in the digital space that is constantly in the pursuit of educating tech users about the newest digital trends and making sure the users are safe through tirelessly updating them with what’s new.

Today as an enormous tech innovator and influencer garnering 300K followers just on Instagram, he is one of the best in the field that we had the pleasure to hear his insights from, on how to safe on the internet and protect personal data, so let’s delve into it! 

Strong Password is a MUST

It is tempting to use simple passwords that you can easily remember such as name, date of birth, etc. But according to Rashed, these types of passwords are easy to guess and added “including symbols, numbers and generally making the password longer makes it a challenge for hackers to not only guess but also makes it difficult for software they use to crack it, ” he also emphasized the importance of using a unique password in every site a user sign-ups to, in order to further enhance the user’s secure experience.


UTAG is one of the leading and recent technology innovations made by Rashed, as an advocate of not clicking suspicious links, the smart small chip device he created helps to detect spoofed and fake links for a secure internet experience on your mobile device.

Check for encryption

Encryption is particularly crucial when making a financial transaction, our tech expert Rashed has indicated to look out for the “s” after the HTTP in the URL as it is a vital indication that it is a safe and encrypted site. This encryption protects your personal information by hiding it including name, address, and credit card number.


When using public wifi connections you put your data and location at risk since your IP address can easily be intercepted by hackers and ISPs. To prevent this, Rashed advises using a reliable VPN to keep the connection between the device you are using and the server encrypted and secure.

Be on the lookout for any data breaches

With the ongoing data breaches occurring including one that occurred last April, where 540 Million Facebook user’s personal data were leaked to the public by hackers.

Rashed always advises his followers to be on the lookout for such breaches and check if their data is breached through tools such as haveibeenpwned.com and take action accordingly by changing passwords if your data was leaked.

This sums up some of the valuable insights shared by the brilliant tech blogger of the UAE to reduce the dangers associated with your internet and tech usage. Make sure you follow Rashed’s active contribution in Al-Bayan newspaper ( English version) as a leading Journalist born and raised in Abu Dhabi, UAE.

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