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5 Tips for Growing Your New YouTube Channel

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If you’re just starting on YouTube, it’s normal to feel frustrated. Tons of creators have millions of subscribers, leaving your channel feeling small in comparison.

The good news is that YouTube isn’t a zero-sum game — just because other channels are big doesn’t mean yours can’t be, too. With the right strategy, your small channel has the potential to grow into something huge.

Read on for 5 top tips for growing your new YouTube channel.

1. Create a Google Ads Campaign

Google Ads are a powerful way to market your channel. You can create a campaign and set your videos to appear before or next to popular videos. This exposure will not only drive more traffic to your page but also increase brand awareness.

Now, some new creators might hesitate to use Google Ads because it costs money. We understand that you may not have the funds yet, but it could be worth your while to invest just a small amount. As one SEO Auckland company notes, you can make the most of every dollar by optimizing your ads and choosing the right target audience.

2. Invest in the Right Equipment

This tip will also cost some money, but if you’re serious about growing your channel, we promise it will pay off.

With so much high-quality content online, users expect crystal clear video and audio. The right equipment can make your videos more appealing. You don’t need to spend thousands of dollars on equipment, but consider getting a decent camera and microphone. As for editing software, consider a free audio tool like Audacity and a free video editor like Lightworks.

3. Optimize Titles and Thumbnails

If you don’t want to spend too much money, you’ll be glad to hear that our next couple of tips are free.

It won’t cost you a penny to optimize your titles and thumbnails. All you have to do is put a little time and effort into creating these elements that will compel more users to click on your videos. Once you actually get users to your videos, you can use your engaging content to convince them to stick around!

4. Pick a Niche

Some channels find success by discussing various topics. This angle can work if you have an interesting personality, but in many cases, audiences like consistency. If you find your channel is all over the place, consider narrowing it down.

Picking a niche will give your channel structure and ensure audiences know what to expect. You’ll also be filling a gap in the market, allowing users who want to see your type of content to come straight to you.

Remember that when picking a niche, there’s such a thing as getting too specific. A topic that’s too narrow can make it difficult to come up with new content. Determine your passion, do a little research, and see what your target audience is looking for.

5. Post Regularly

One thing that users and the YouTube algorithm have in common? They like regular content. Consider posting a video on the same day every week so that your audience has something to look forward to. These regular posts will also cater to the algorithm by proving that you provide frequent value.

Use These Tips and Have Patience

By spending a little on Google Ads and new equipment, you can give your new channel the boost it needs. Remember that from posting regularly to optimizing your thumbnails, there are also many free ways to experience growth. Most importantly, practice a little patience and remember to have fun with it — your YouTube presence will skyrocket in no time!

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