A healthy diet is essential for both adults and children. It has many benefits, including preventing diseases while providing energy and nutrients needed for growth. 

Generally, eating healthy means following a healthy eating pattern which includes consuming fewer salts, sugars, and trans-fat. Fruits and vegetables are some of the top priorities in a healthy diet.


You might be wondering if sending your child to the best early learning centre can help in terms of eating healthy. 

There are a number of ways parents, guardians, and even teachers can take in order to encourage preschool students to eat more healthily. Here are 5 tips for eating healthy in preschool;

1.Offer a wide range of foods including those that have been rejected before

It is pretty common to hear stories about children being picky eaters. Don’t let it break your spirit, instead use this opportunity to let your child explore new foods by offering a variety of foods. 

Of course, make sure they are healthy! 

Introducing new food can make it hard for a child to accept it, so give them the freedom to digest it on their terms.

2.Set regular mealtimes and snack times for them

Children typically need 3 meals in a day, breakfast, lunch, and dinner with snacks in between each meal. 

Regular mealtimes help maintain a balanced diet and create a stable energy source. When a child is used to eating consistently with regular timing throughout the day, they will be able to regulate their hunger and fullness better and be more open to trying different foods.

3.Have a positive attitude towards the healthy foods

Children look up to the adults surrounding them. 

From parents to teachers, everyone plays an important role in influencing children. This is why it is important for you to look at healthy foods positively. 

When a child sees that someone they trust likes to eat something, the possibility of them liking the same thing is higher.

4.Be creative with meals in terms of visual

Colours play a significant part in influencing children’s choices. Fruits and vegetables come in a lot of colours and shapes. 

Use this opportunity to attract your child into consuming these foods. You can even play with shapes during food preparations. Cut the fruits into different shapes, make a pancake with smiley faces, and explore your creativity!

5.Teach children about eating healthy

Education is not just about academics, eating healthy needs some teaching too. 

Teach them about what being healthy is, and how your food consumption can affect it. Come up with different ways to educate them about this, in-class discussions, forums, and even games!

As an adult, you might find it challenging to maintain a  healthy diet for your family, which includes both adults and children. Besides being the best early learning centre, Little Oxford Schoolhouse ensures every student gets the necessary nutrients in their daily food intake. 

Not only do we focus on building a resilient attitude and foundation for your child, but we also care for their overall health and growth. 

Look no further for the best preschool near Serangoon, Little Oxford Schoolhouse is open for registration.

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