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5 Tips Businesses Should Adopt in Uncertain Times with Dynamics 365

Dynamics 365

No one could deny the fact that the world has been facing a hard time due to COVID-19. In fact, this global uncertainty can result in major challenges for businesses. It is even difficult to tell what next week will be like for businesses across the world. Over the years, we have been encouraging businesses to grow by adopting new forms of technology and providing business solutions in the best possible manner. Therefore, in such period of economic downturn and uncertainty, we have responded with solutions when priorities have focused on business stability. 

It is important to note that MS dynamics 365 has been a good asset to the organizations in the recent times. If you are already using Dynamics 365, you are probably integrating it with other applications such as Outlook, SharePoint and other Office Products, but now you should definitely consider this technology to overcome the newly presented challenges of quarantined situations. In this blog, you will explore 5 Dynamics 365 related tips to help your business thrive in face of this challenge. Have a look-

1) Dynamics 365 Integration with Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is now a key collaboration application in the Office 365 world and it can connect many applications in one interface. This is really a huge benefit in the time where people have been working remotely. With the integration of internal facing MS Teams and outbound facing Dynamics 365, you get a full 360 degree view on both company’s internal operations and outbound strategy. Users can now access Dynamics data right from within MS Teams. The team can also chat and use collaborations features such as file storage, excel sales sheets or OneNote.

2) Enhance Your Customer Communications Platform

The value of communicating with your customer in today’s time has become really important. To keep your customers up-to-date with the features and services they looking are now an easy task with dynamics 365. It enables audiences to be quickly defined through lists and views, but an embedded marketing automation add-on will deliver wider advantages. Once emails or SMS messages are crafted, these can be quickly distributed to the target audience.

3) Help Contact Centers for Customers

The global pandemic is straining service centers everywhere, with an enormous uptick in call volumes, further complicated by many agents working remotely. Now, with omnichannel capabilities for Dynamics 365 Customer Service, contact center employees can provide consistent, personalized support while working remotely. Customers have the ability to gain insights into case volume topics, ensure agents are properly distributed across channels, and quickly deploy chatbots to respond to the highest volume of inquiring questions.

4) Consistent Reporting with Power BI

As mentioned earlier, the collaboration of Microsoft teams makes reliable reporting crucial for timely and informed decision-making. With Power BI charts and visualizations, users can easily connect to the key metrics wherever they work. If you haven’t previously built a Power BI dashboard, or your organisation is actively using this, recent changes to working patterns may prompt the need to revisit your reporting requirements. For instance, this may include additional reports to assist service managers in monitoring trends as more staff operates remotely. If you need any help or advice to create Power BI dashboards that data from Dynamics 365, you can talk to our experts.

5) Online Self-Servicing

Integrated web portals are a great way to expand Dynamics 365 services by sharing selective data with customers and other external users and even enabling them to make service requests. Web portals can reduce the pressure on teams, especially in such period of lacked resources. This can include enabling customers to find answers themselves by searching knowledge posts online, and checking, or even updating, their account information. Get in touch with us to know how to implement a new portal. 

Final Thoughts

Implementing CRM Solutions during uncertain times, dramatically improve the profitability of your business by streamlining administrative processes involved in marketing, sales, and customer services. 

Successive Technologies remains dedicated to supporting its clients and helping them use Microsoft Dynamics 365 to navigate this difficult time and seize new opportunities that will arise in both the short and longer term. Contact us if you need any implementation, integration or support with your Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform.

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