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5 Tips Before You Choose a Photo Booth For Your Events

Photo Booth For Your Events

Businesses that stage in-person marketing events can gain a great deal by deploying a photo booth. Despite the fact that some firms will hire photo booths for one-off events – rather like a party hire service – it is often much more cost-effective to invest in photo booth software that you can adapt to your changing marketing requirements. What are the features and business benefits you should be looking for from such an approach? Read on to find out.

1) Contactless Photo Booth Technology

To begin with, corporate events have taken a bit of a back seat during the pandemic but as they return, people are going to want to have great photo booth experiences without having to worry about the surfaces they are touching. This is where Snappic’s contactless photo booth technology can be so beneficial, especially if you are using it time and again at multiple events to promote a brand or a product, for example.

2) Photo Booth Enhancements

If you want to make your photo booth offering stand out from the crowd at your events so that their use becomes a talking point, then you will need some of the latest software enhancements. Look out for features on offer such as the ability to upload custom props or to be able to browse an in-app gallery. Green screen enhancements also offer a great deal of added value and are worth checking out, too. These days, even more advanced systems will use AI technology to remove backgrounds and replace them with uploaded ones instead. These work like traditional green screen systems for altering backgrounds but without the need for a physical green screen itself!

3) Storage Capacity

Taking lots of images with a device may mean you start to run out of space, something that would necessarily detract from the enjoyment of using a photo booth. To ensure your events are never hampered in this way, look for cloud storage as well as cloud management services, two features that Snappic offers across the board. If you want advanced functionality for further marketing opportunities, then check out the analytics on offer with the software system you are considering.

4) Flexible Pricing Plans

Many firms want flexibility and control over their marketing expenditure. This is why you should seek a photo booth software provider which offers lots of options with its licensing. Simple, affordable monthly plans are optimal in this regard. Look out for a range of photo booth experiences, such as the ability to make GIFs as well as stills, within each price point as well as competitively priced additional device licensing arrangements. This is particularly important if you might be staging multiple marketing events at the same time as one another, of course.

5) Partner Operators

In some cases, you might just want high-quality photo booth software with lots of features. However, some types of businesses will also want the hardware side of things taken care of for them. This is where Snappic’s partner operators, such as mobibooth or orcavue, to name just two, will come into their own. These firms have systems that integrate with Snappic so you get all of the features plus outstanding photo booths with extra functionality, such as Bluetooth controls. PicBox is another one to look out for, noted for its easily transportable photo booth systems.

If your choice of photo booth software doesn’t offer all of the aforementioned features, then perhaps it is time to consider switching to a supplier with a system that does?

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