5 Things You Should Know Before Buying an Electric Skateboard

electric skateboard

Electric skateboards are the latest fad in the world of skating, and the euphoria around them couldn’t be more evident. It seems like there’s always a new company waiting to launch the coolest design of electric skateboards. 

The result here is an endless list of options for enthusiasts looking to join the sport. If you’re also planning to be part of this ever-growing e-skateboard bandwagon, note that it’s very easy to get overwhelmed by the numerous choices at your disposal. 

So, to make sure that you don’t get lost in the maze, here are 5 things you should know before buying an electric skateboard. 

Deck Style and Material

The style of the deck and the material used to construct it are among the first things you want to look at when choosing a skateboard. Generally, electric skateboards use either bamboo or carbon fiberglass as the main construction material. 

Bamboo boards are known to be flexible whereas carbon boards are relatively stiffer. Depending on your riding style, you should choose a deck style that best suits you. This also means that you should consider the shape of the deck, its dimensions, and the distance from the ground. 

Motor Style

The motor or engine of the skateboard determines various aspects that influence the overall performance of the board. These include everything from the speed to the smoothness of the ride. It is recommended that you go for a powerful motor to make the most of your experience. 

A weak motor will deliver an underwhelming experience that may keep you from competing with friends in a race. Some models come with one motor while others are equipped with dual motors; it’s up to you to choose what you prefer. 

But if speed and excitement are what you’re after, then you’ll be better off choosing the two-motor board. This will also mean that you have an easy time when you want to take on hilly tracks and off-road terrains. 


Weight is another essential feature as it influences the stability of the board and handling when on top of it. Furthermore, if you choose a board that is too heavy, it will require a lot more energy to move, which means more work for the motor and less range for the battery. 

A common thing you see among skaters is they like to carry their boards almost everywhere they go. From the subway to parks and school grounds, they rarely seem to leave them behind. For this reason, you want a board that is lightweight enough for convenient portability. 

This will allow you to stuff your board in a backpack whenever it’s not in use and continue with your schedule without feeling burdened. But aside from the weight of the board, you should also be interested in its carrying capacity. 

Remember to buy an electric skateboard that can comfortably support your weight effortlessly. Otherwise, you might end up snapping the deck on your very first ride. 


The type of battery on your e-skateboard dictates how much fun you’re going to have with the board. As such, ensure that you get a high-capacity battery to maximize the range. Considering that it’s the most expensive component of an e-board, manufacturers who want to cut the cost of their products do so at the expense of the battery. 

So, before you rush to pay for the first cheap board you see on the shelf, take a minute to examine the nature of the battery it comes with. The battery life is particularly crucial for those who want to do long-distance skating. 

This is the only way to ensure that you don’t lose power in the middle of the journey. Check this site for the best electric boards you can buy. 

Spare Parts and Support

The majority of skateboards on the market are sturdily built with little chance of falling apart prematurely. But this doesn’t mean the various components are insured against wear and tear. In case of the unexpected, you want to get a board that has readily available spare parts. 

You don’t want your board to be rendered obsolete just because one replacement part could not be found in the local market. The best way to guarantee this is to purchase from a reputable brand offering reliable after-sale service and customer support. 

This way, you’ll know that you have some to help you when you experience any faults and defects on the device. Additionally, you should look and the manufacturer’s warranty and how long it’s for. Generally, a long warranty is a guarantee of quality. 


While there are so many other factors that should influence your decision when choosing an electric skateboard, these are what you should prioritize to get the level of performance you’re after. 

Have fun! 

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