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5 things you should know about Christmas in Germany

Every country in the world, that celebrates Christmas has specific customs, rituals and religious practices that make Christmas a more beautiful time of the year. These traditions have been there for a lot of seasons. They have brought Christmas joy in every house all over the centuries. We would like to share the best moments of the German Christmas with you. Stay with us until the end of the article.

Christmas vibes start on 6th of December

6th of December is a date that children love. Small ones and adults celebrate Sankt Nicklaus. Children that have been nice receive sweet treats and little toys from parents or grandparents which they find the next day in the morning.

Stay safe even around Christmas holidays

But even in the middle of joy and good cheer, German people stay serious about safety. Cases of scams by phone (along with other safety risks) get more numerous around holidays. Most of the people who cherish their personal security, use Telefonnummer Rückwärtssuche Deautschland, to quickly find out who is the caller behind an unknown phone number. With this data base they state that is easier to stay safe.

Feel the magic of Christmas with the Adventskalendar (the advent calendars)

German people prepare a little bit more for Christmas each day. Even from the beginning of December, German families put their advent calendars on. Kids and adults love to open small boxes with surprises every day so advent calendars are most cherished.

Candles are joyful signs of Christmas

Many families in Germany use to mark the days leading up to Christmas by burning a candle. Burning candles is a tradition that marks the beginning of the advent calendar time.

Christmas Eve is the most important part of the holidays

German families love being together. They invite friends and relatives for the Christmas Eve and they enjoy a special mealtime together. What’s important to know is that everyone needs to come with something from home. So if you’re invited to someone’s house, you’ll need to bring something to drink, something cooked, salted or sweet.

Christmas carols to fill houses and streets with joy

German people love music as well. Traditional and modern Christmas carols meet and echo through loudspeakers in shops and on streets beautifully lit with colourful garlands. “Oh, Tannenbaum” and “In der Weihnachts Bäckerei” are just a few examples between many more.

Everyone is kinder and everyone wants to make the person next to them happy. Together, people from all nations, we remember the birth of the saviour Christ and we want to welcome him into our hearts and on earth. Peace and joy in Heaven and on the Earth as we all celebrate Christmas as a family this year.

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