5 Things to Know About Maternity Insurance Coverage

Maternity Insurance

 A maternity insurance essentially covers all expenses incurred during childbirth, including hospitalization, medicines, and medical procedures. It provides you with a financial shield against rising childbirth expenses while promising access to the best maternity care across India.

In light of pregnancy-related medical care needs, a maternity cover can provide much relief and support. Apart from the financial benefit, maternity cover health insurance provides various healthcare benefits that enhance the medical care of the mother and the newborn. Read on to know more about these benefits.  

5 Key Features of Maternity Insurance

Cashless Hospitalization Across Leading Hospitals

The best part about choosing a maternity cover from a reputable health insurer is the wide network of healthcare providers. At these network hospitals, you enjoy cashless hospitalization and access to top-tier hospitals known for offering the best medical care. However, check with your insurance service provider about the network hospitals to ensure nearby hospitals are covered within their network. This will help you avail of the cashless facility during a pregnancy-related emergency.

Access to Day Care Treatments

Some procedures, tests, and diagnostic processes don’t require prolonged hospitalization and can be completed within a few hours. Generally, you need at least 24 hours of hospitalization before your insurance can kick in; however, maternity insurance offers coverage for a myriad of daycare procedures. So, if the mother undergoes a procedure requiring less than 24 hours of hospitalization, you can claim for the same with the day-care treatment coverage. Remember, you need to choose a health insurer that covers the maximum number of day-care procedures.

Coverage for the Newborn

While other health insurance policies require that the child be at least 90 days old to be covered, that is not the case with maternity insurance coverage. Under this policy, your child is covered from day one. It comes as a bonus and gives you complete peace of mind; all related costs will be covered if the baby requires additional care and medical attention right after birth. Maternity plans offered by some leading health insurers like Care Health Insurance also cover newborn birth defects up to a specified limit.

Quality Care

You would want to spend as much time with the child once born. The maternity insurance offers access to a private room with an air conditioning facility so that you and your family can relish life’s most precious moments in a private and sound environment. Other non-medical benefits like ambulance cover, pre and post-natal expenses, and pre and post-hospitalisation expenses, etc. complement the maternity cover health insurance.

Leaves Room for Better Planning

Given the rising healthcare costs and medical expenses, it is inevitable that you spend that time, effort, and money on planning better for the baby’s arrival. A maternity cover helps you save more and thus put some money aside for your child’s education or future.

Having gone through the basics of maternity insurance coverage and what you need to know about it, it is crucial that you begin planning early. Maternity insurance coverage is highly recommended for married couples who plan to have children. You must invest in maternity coverage at least 2 years prior since these policies involve a waiting period of 2 to 6 years. Also, a policy at a young age will help in lowering your premium to an affordable amount. 

One such leading maternity coverage provider is Care Health Insurance. The health insurer offers a comprehensive maternity insurance plan and provides cashless hospitalization across its wide network of more than 19,000 healthcare providers across India. Moreover, their in-house claims team and a Claim Settlement Ratio of 95.2% makes the entire process of filing and claiming your insurance policy hassle-free. So, if you are looking for the ideal insurance cover, check their official website and get insured today! 

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