5 Things To Do If You’re At Fault In a Car Accident in West Palm Beach

Car accident scenes can be chaotic and stressful. But it’s essential to remain calm and follow a few basic steps. Doing so can help protect your legal rights and prepare you for what’s to come. You may need a car accident attorney if you have suffered serious injuries and damages in West Palm Beach, Florida.

Many car accidents in West Palm Beach, FL, are avoidable. However, sometimes, you may find yourself at fault for a collision despite doing your best to prevent it. Car accidents can be life-altering, whether the road conditions are poor or you are distracted for merely a moment. Here are 5 steps to follow if you were involved in a car accident in West Palm Beach:

1. Alert The West Palm Beach Police Department

If you are involved in a car accident in West Palm Beach, Florida, you may be required to notify the police.

You must report a car accident to the police if any of the following occurs:

Failure to report a car accident to the West Palm Beach Police Department within 10 days could result in fines and other penalties for leaving the accident scene. Even if you are not required to report the accident to the police under Florida law, it is always a good idea to do so anyway. A crash report can help provide you with valuable evidence to combat claims that you were at fault for the accident.

2. Seek Medical Attention After a Car Accident

Immediately following a car accident, check for injuries. Call for medical assistance when needed, even if you are at fault for the collision. Failing to do so may only make matters worse for you, passengers, pedestrians, and other motorists.

If you are injured, do not refuse medical care. Some injuries take time to develop symptoms. However, failing to receive medical assistance immediately could drastically impact any subsequent personal injury claims.

3. Always Exchange Contact and Car Insurance Information

Being cagey with your personal and car insurance details may be tempting. However, withholding this information from the other driver will only add insult to injury. You must provide accurate information after an accident in West Palm Beach. You should also request the contact and insurance information of the other driver.

While you may be at fault for the car accident, the other party may also bear some responsibility. Exchanging information can help protect you from any potential personal injury claim.

4. Notify Your Insurance Company About The Crash

You must inform your car insurance company of a collision even when a car accident is your fault. You may think hiding a crash from the insurance company will save you money, but it will likely cost you more.

Your insurance company should hear the details about the crash from you rather than the other driver. Inform your insurance company about what occurred from your vantage point, but do not admit to being at fault. Do not consent to give a recorded statement unless you’ve consulted with a West Palm Beach car accident lawyer.

5. Capture the Car Accident Scene

Take photos and videos of the accident scene and any visible injuries. Doing so can help you combat allegations of fault. Images of vehicle damage and road conditions can help you illustrate the truth of what led to the accident. Your car accident attorney can use photos and videos to establish the facts of your case.

What To Avoid If You’re At Fault In a Car Accident in West Palm Beach

In addition to understanding what steps to take after a car accident in West Palm Beach, knowing what not to do is also crucial.

The following are actions to avoid immediately after a car accident:

  • Arguing with the other driver or witnesses
  • Admitting that you were at fault
  • Leaving the accident scene
  • Providing false information
  • Attempting to reach an agreement

After realizing you may have caused an accident, your instant reaction may be to apologize. You should avoid doing this as what you say could be used against you later.

How a West Palm Beach Car Accident Lawyer Can Help

The immediate aftermath of a car accident can leave you overwhelmed and frustrated. Your car accident lawyer can help you sort through the facts and walk you through the legal process. Even if you believe you’re at fault, an attorney can help you determine if someone else is also liable and if you’re entitled to compensation.

Contacting a West Palm Beach car accident lawyer can help you protect yourself and learn more about your legal options.

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