5 Tech Enhancements Your Company Should Invest In


Technology is all around us. It has transformed and improved every industry in existence. In order for your business to succeed in today’s highly competitive world, you must stay on top of technological advances. Many tech advances are designed not only to benefit consumers but to make the life of business owners and everyday employees much easier.

Here are five tech enhancements that your company will want to invest in for the sake of your brand and for customer satisfaction.

1) Cloud Storage

Sharing files via email and flash drives is an outdated practice. These days there are all sorts of applications that allow businesses to store and share their files in the cloud. Worried about running out of space? Cloud storage offers several terabytes of storage, so chances are you’ll always have plenty of space at your disposal.

Another perk of cloud storage is that you can have all of your files in a single location. This means invoices, marketing plans, employee rosters, and even financial data can be stored on the cloud. Using folders and metadata tagging, you can more easily separate and categorize files.

Cloud sharing also removes the risk of having several versions of one file floating around in various inboxes. Cloud storage enables employees to work on the same file at the same time. This not only solves versioning problems but it also encourages collaboration and brainstorming.

2) Augmented Reality

Augmented reality can be used in various ways, including in-store, online, or through a mobile app. Both big and small companies have developed some great augmented reality apps that have a huge impact on the customer buying process and overall experience.

There are an endless amount of things that you can do using augmented reality. Using AR, you can let online shoppers try on clothes, shoes, and even cosmetics before purchasing them. This creates an immersive experience that lets customers see how a certain product looks before committing their money to buy it.

Augmented reality can also be used to let users place household items into a room in their home or it can give them a 3D experience into a new vehicle that just hit the market.

The bottom line is that with augmented reality, you can provide a customized and engaging shopping experience for in-store, online, and mobile app buyers. By creating an immersive experience, you’re able to increase customer satisfaction, drive more sales, and reduce the number of product returns.

3) AI Marketing

Artificial intelligence has been around for more than 60 years, and in those decades, it has evolved into something that everyday people can use to better their lives. As a business, you’ll be happy to know that AI has made its way into the marketing industry.

AI is able to learn from your customers’ behavior and then anticipate what those same people may do in the future. This enables businesses to make more customized marketing campaigns that are specifically based on consumer wants, needs, and likes.

AI technology can be used for all sorts of benefits such as improving your business’s reach, getting better engagement, or making your marketing efforts more efficient.

4) Digital Conference Calling

While email and instant messaging are some of the top ways to communicate, don’t let your business’ communication suffer by not investing in digital conference calling. There are all kinds of tools and applications that allow you to conference call with employees, investors, and business partners around the globe.

Some digital conference calling systems even support video meetings. These systems are extremely beneficial for companies that have:

  • Remote teams
  • Global investors and partners
  • Employees located in various office buildings

Digital conference calling systems make it easy to not only communicate but to share presentations and ideas in a more personal way. Face-to-face communication will always be more effective than any text-based way to communicate.

5) POS System

A point of sale (POS) system is one of the best investments that your business could ever make. Traditional sales processing devices, such as a cash register, may get the job done, but they’re far from being efficient.

With a POS system you can automate and streamline many different business operations. Not only can you process sales faster, which means shorter lines and a better customer experience, POS systems can also be used to automate inventory management, employee time tracking, and even the collection of customer data that’s used in marketing campaigns.

Having a POS system also gives you real-time analytics and metrics. If you ever need to see which items are running low on inventory or which products are selling the fastest, a POS system offers all of that data (and much more!).


Technology enhancements will only continue to grow and advance. If you want to better position your company with improved engagement, a unique customer experience, and greater brand reach, be sure to invest in these six tech enhancements. The return on investment is well worth the time, cost, and investment.

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