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5 Successful Ways To Profit By Selling Art In The Digital Age By Kat Alyst

  1. Teach Art Through TikTok and Reels

Show your audience the process and magic behind your finished work! You may not only draw more Followers and admirers but pick up more interested collectors along the way. People love the stories that go into artists creating their work and love to share unique facts about them with others. Your videos don’t have to be complicated, but rather quick snippets you can easily mesh together for your final video. Show your process from A to B and save and share! Add medium-popular hashtags (my opinion) to add free marketing, and see if you can make it to the top of the hashtag search while you’re at it! 

  1. Start A Weekly YouTube Channel

With a similar premise as above, by consistently producing and launching new videos on a designated day of the week that tell stories behind your work, or even videos with an art history lesson, whatever pertains best to your brand, you can steadily build a following over time. At the end of every video don’t forget the main key to remind viewers to not only “Like” and “Subscribe”, but link your links on direct purchasing locations and where to buy. Matching content that evolves, with persistent postings, creates a great recipe for art sales and success. Pro Tip: Feel too busy to be able to produce weekly video content, but still interested? Take your time by recording ahead of time, and archive your directory of video content before you launch! Keep videos evergreen in information if you plan to do this.

  1. Enter Calls For Entries & Art Contests

Though at some point you may be rejected by a competition, don’t take it personally! Sometimes work only gets rejected due to not fitting a theme the best jurors or curators are looking for, or a multitude of reasons that aren’t meaning your work isn’t good. One positive note to take from entries is even responding politely and thanking them for letting you know the opportunity could go a long way. You’d be surprised how often gallery owners and fellow artists who jury remember names associated with your artwork. Never give up! 

  1. Apply For Artist Grants

Though this may not be an “art sale”, it still may be just what you need to jumpstart your project and dive deeper into your concepts. As mentioned above, sometimes rejections happen, and that’s ok! What’s important is the effort, and consistent effort to apply. There’s a great practice that comes with writing proposals and strengthens communication and discussion about your overall message too. If you don’t feel confident writing proposals, consider outsourcing from people who do love to write. Find them in ways outside of the box for hire. I like to bookmark great reads on artist articles and stay up-to-date with journalists’ work. Oftentimes these writers are freelancers and would be happy to write a proposal or future article for your art!

  1. Create A Digital Book To Sell

Proud of months or years of work you’d love to share outside of posts? Curate your work as you see fit and consider selling through various marketing outlets to your audience for affordable prices. Have an email list? Collectors and interested Buyers would love if you shared a link to your weekly E-newsletter! Get creative, think outside the box, go for a new audience with social media targeting, or simply by word of mouth. Sell your book for an affordable price and one day create an in-person copy as you continue getting yourself and your work established!

About Kat Alyst:

Kat Alyst is a Fine Art Photographer who enjoys connecting with people from all walks of life and helping fellow artists with discussion, tips, and sharing life stories. Find her work on social media: @katinthecloudz or bookmark her website:  for future works and updates!

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