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5 Strategies to Improve Employee Performance and Productivity

Every business is striving to improve productivity and employee performance, but this is easier said than done. Efforts to increase employee productivity often cost companies a great deal of time and money without showing meaningful results. However, it is possible for businesses to significantly increase the levels of employee performance and productivity if they follow several strategies that have been proven to work. These strategies include setting up a performance tracking system, giving employees specific goals to aim for, awarding bonuses for exceptional productivity, holding regular performance reviews and even letting employees know that there is a clear path to promotion within the company. Read on to learn more about how businesses can raise employee productivity and performance levels.

Strategies to Improve Employee Performance

Set up a performance tracking system

One of the best ways companies can improve employee performance and productivity is by implementing a performance tracking system. Simply implementing such a system and letting employees know it is in place will be enough to boost employee productivity, because employees will understand that their productivity and performance levels are being monitored. Employees who were previously getting away with slacking off will see that is no longer possible. Also, ambitious employees will know the company will be able to recognize their excellent performance. They may be motivated to work even harder so they can set themselves up for bonuses and promotions.

Give employees specific goals to aim for

It is essential to give employees specific goals that they can aim for that can be tracked by a performance tracking system. These goals should be ambitious, but they should not be impossible for the employees to reach. Otherwise, employees may be resigned to failing to reach their goals and will not try their best. Businesses must work carefully to create goals that will contribute to the overall success of their business.

Award bonuses for exceptional productivity

Far too many businesses are hard on their employees when they do not meet the required level of performance, but don’t reward employees for exceptional work. This can cause employees to do the bare minimum to keep their jobs. Suppose companies reward employees generously for doing good work. In that case, even employees who are not that ambitious will see this as an opportunity to make more money by raising their performance levels. The initial cost to the company from paying out bonuses will be more than offset by the increased productivity and performance levels of their employees.

Hold regular performance reviews

It is common for businesses to hold performance reviews. However, many companies only have performance reviews once per year. This is not often enough for managers to give employees meaningful feedback on their work. Companies should hold performance reviews at least once per quarter. Some companies have found success when holding performance reviews monthly. This gives managers more opportunities to help employees improve their performance and productivity levels. Also, employees will know that they cannot slack off because they will soon have to face their manager in their performance review if they do.

Let employees know there is a clear path to promotion

Employees are often less motivated if they feel they are working a dead-end job. If they feel that there is a clear path to promotion in the company, they will be more motivated to work hard to get their promotion. Companies should not make it easy for employees to get promoted, but it is vital that employees understand what they need to do to advance their careers within the company. In fact, this should be communicated to new hires as part of the onboarding process.

The Benefits of Improving Employee Performance and Productivity

If businesses can improve employee performance and productivity across the board, they will see many benefits. Their products or services will be of higher quality, and they will be able to serve more clients or customers. Also, employees who know they’re working with a well-performing company will be happier with their jobs. This will decrease the likelihood that they will leave for a competitor. A successful company will also attract more talented employees. This will make it easier for the company to continue to increase its performance and productivity levels for the foreseeable future. Finally, a company with a high level of employee performance and productivity will be more likely to win industry awards.


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