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5 Steps to Gain Organic Views and Subscribers on YouTube


YouTube is ever-changing and progressing, and it’s all about subscribers. One of the best tips to measure your YouTube success is to check how many subscribers your channel has. More subscribers mean you get more views on your videos. Getting organic views & subscribers on YouTube is not as easy as ABC, it takes proper effort and time.

Students are more curious about uploading videos on YouTube and promoting them. To concentrate on those activities, they don’t prepare for exams. When I got involved in my other hobbies, I requested other people to do my exam for me because sometimes it became hectic for me to handle too much pressure. To chill out for a while I watch videos on YouTube. 

Furthermore, YouTube is a great place for marketing. More than 1 billion hours of videos are watched on a daily basis, more than the Facebooks and Netflix videos. Do you know what a crazy thing is? 62% of businesses use YouTube as a channel to post video content. It’s a most useful platform for businessmen to boost their sales and get more free views. 

Firstly let’s talk quickly about the importance of YouTube subscribers!

Why are YouTube Subscribers Essential?

Having good YouTube subscribers is mandatory because it shows people are interested in your videos and will surely return to your channel to watch more. These are also the people who want to share your videos with their social networks. Additionally, you will get an idea of how many times people played your videos. 

This information is crucial because you will get to know about your video’s popularity. If there are so many views on videos indicated it might be seen by new people, which means more potential subscribers. On the other hand, a high number of views can also lead to increased exposure and traffic for your website or blog.

Now let’s jump directly into the specifics of getting more views on YouTube.

  • Create Gripping Content to Attract More Viewers

Doesn’t matter how many hacks or ads you add to your videos but if the content is not good it doesn’t work. The question is how you can create attractive content for your videos. The simplest way is to recognize what your ideal customers want and then create videos that match their needs. 

When you make videos as customers want, they think you read their minds. Systematically, create videos that solve customers’ problems, by this, you can develop a loyal community of fans and get more views on YouTube. To create better content you need to know:


  • Viewers like your videos when they see examples in them, use as many examples as you can and ensure that they will be from well-known sites. 
  • Add visuals to your content to make it more appealing.
  • All the relevant points should be covered in the video and make sure to not flood the viewers with unnecessary information.
  • Always start your videos with a catchy hook that will make people want to stay and watch the whole video.
  • Optimize Your Videos to Get High Ranks on YouTube

If your videos are optimized, your content rank will be higher on YouTube. People who watch your videos also want to interact with your content. You should upgrade the elements in videos like descriptions, titles, headings, videos, and so on to make sure your videos will reach the right people. 

You will not only have to optimize your videos to get more viewers and subscribers but you will also have to optimize the YouTube channels. When people watch the video they check everything about it.

  • Finish Your Video by Annoying What You’ll Do in Next

Subscribing to a YouTube channel shows the act of expectations. If you do your job perfectly, viewers will be primed to want to know more about your business/brand. Advertising your upcoming videos and making it clear why people should not miss them is the most effective way to motivate them to click on the subscribe button.

When students put in a lot of effort to attract an audience and for that their exam preparation is being ignored. They can get help with exams USA because if they do not perform well in exams, it fully affects their grades. People manage both things at the same time. It depends on how they find the solution for it.

  • Allowing Viewers to Embed Your Videos

People spend years making engaging videos. When viewers want to add videos to their websites & blogs but can’t because the video is not embedded.

Once you allow the audience to embed your videos into their blogs and website, you will get a chance to reach out to the new audience and get more views. When the watcher clicks on the share button below the video window, YouTube will show them the “Embed” option.

As they click on that, they’ll be able to copy the video’s embedding code and paste it onto their blog or website.

  • High-Quality Videos Keep Viewers Engaged

Observers don’t like low-quality videos. If your videos are professionally made, the audience takes you seriously and they will be excited to watch your videos. Follow the below steps so that people consider you professional and experienced. 

  • Arrange a green background and use studio lights while recording.
  • Make sure that you should record in a good atmosphere with no noise in the background.
  • Add prudently slow motion and jump cuts to emphasize some parts of your video.
  • To make your audio clear, use good recording equipment.
  • Record your videos in 1080p or higher.

Bottom Lines

Hopefully, these tips will help you to reach your goal. You need to get a greater number of subscribers in order to consider yourself a professional on YouTube. You can only do that by following the above techniques. 

If you’re working hard but the struggle is not paying off because of the exams and projects, you can contact to minimize your workload. Their experts will ease your work for sure.

Lastly, get involved in your niche community and nurture relationships with your viewers!

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