5 Signs Your Website Has Been terminated by users You need to find out

As a web owner, you need to know the signs of a website being hacked by hackers. This needs to be done because the website today has an important role for a business. Through a website, a company can reach more consumers, inform their products and services, and even as a medium for buying and selling transactions. (Source: Slot Gacor 4D)

A successfully hacked company website will bring various bad effects to your business. Starting from losing web traffic, losing reputation, losing sensitive data, until in the end the business will no longer benefit and suffer huge losses. Therefore, it is important for you to know the signs of a hacked website so that the problem can be addressed immediately.

In Indonesia, there are still many cases of websites being hacked by hackers. Even a few months ago it was known that there was a hacker who managed to hack thousands of government and private websites.

These hackers attack by spreading certain malware to website owners to demand a ransom. If it is not paid, then the hacker will not give the access back.

You need to know, hackers have many methods to hack websites. Therefore, it is important for a company to always prioritize the cyber security system on its website.

What Are the Signs of a Hacked Website?

In general, a hacked website will have several signs that you can see. Here are some of them.

1. A warning message appears in Google Chrome

If web visitors see a warning message when opening your website link, then it is very likely that your website has been hacked by hackers. This message will usually appear if your website is blacklisted from Google Safe Browsing. Google Safe Browsing itself is a tool provided by Google to help protect users from the malicious web by displaying warning messages to users.

The message that appears will vary depending on the type of attack the hacker has carried out on your website. Is it a phishing attack, malware, or something else? Some of these messages sound like this:

The website ahead contains malware,

The site ahead contains harmful programs,

This site may be hacked,

This site may harm your computer,

and others.

2. Notifications from Google Search Console

If your website is already linked to Google Search Console, then Google will send you a message or email that will let you know that your website has been hacked. Usually, the message will contain details of the suspected URL as well as possible attacks that have occurred on your web page. In the message, there will also be several solutions to solve the problem.

3. The hosting provider will disable your website

Website hosting providers will usually regularly scan their servers for malicious code. If they find any suspicious activity, then the hosting provider will immediately disable the hacked website to ensure that the infection doesn’t spread to other websites on that server.

Hosting providers disable a web for several reasons such as malicious code on the server, the site’s domain being blacklisted by Google, phishing emails from the server you are using, and so on.

4. Website works very slowly

The next sign of a hacked website is the website speed which becomes very slow. However, you need to know that not a website that works slowly is caused by hacker attacks.

One of the hacker attacks that will make the website slow and ultimately make the website inaccessible is a DDoS attack. These attacks are executed by flooding server, network, or system traffic to disrupt normal traffic. As a result, traffic becomes overloaded so that the website becomes inaccessible again.

5. Foreign content appears

Websites are terminated because of poor security systems or there are security holes that malware can infiltrate by hackers. If this happens, the website will have a bad impact such as foreign content or changes to the appearance of the web without the developer team’s knowledge.

One method that is often used by hackers to attack a website is website defacement. This attack aims to modify the website such as adding, changing, or deleting website content. This is done so that web visitors are disturbed and leave the website. Therefore, foreign content or suspicious links on web pages can also be a sign of a website being hacked by hackers. (Source: 4d slot gacor)

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