5 SEO Hacks to Boost Your Google Rankings Overnight

Be it the bloggers or companies running online stores, they need organic traffic. As the traffic goes higher, the chances of having more conversions also increase. You can connect with new clients and persuade them to take action. Ultimately, you start improving your bottom line. However, to have all these perks, you need a strong online SEO strategy along with digital. The digital world sometimes seems quite technical, but a little understanding and consistency can get you the results you crave. 

As you look to improve SEO services, there are some SEO hacks that every marketer should know to boost website authority and be more relevant in the market. If you have understood Google rankings, perhaps you are familiar with the three main elements of Google SEO: expertise, authority, and trustworthiness (a.k.a. EAT).  

Any professional SEO company in UAE  combines to make your online presence worthwhile for results. Yes, it is not easy, but in this article, we can help how to improve your search engine optimization services. We are bringing you the top 5 SEO hacks to boost your or your client’s Google rankings. 

Top 5 SEO Hack for the Marketing Managers

Your clients are looking for results, and to get the right results at the right time, you must know some of the major hacks. Here are the 5 hacks to help:

  • Focus On Low Difficulty Keywords

Keyword difficulty is considered as one of the significant metrics. If you keep an eye on it and use it in the blogs and other content, you will have less competition and more chances to rank in a better position. This is the rule of thumb to look for keywords with low or decent traffic volume and low competition.

  • Broken-Link Building & Competitor Analysis

Some people leave their links as they are. When a visitor visits the site and cannot redirect to the links, they look for an alternate solution. This might be a technical problem for a site owner, but building a broken link by picking a few and pointing them to your content as an alternative can benefit your website or business.

Chances are, your competitors have backlinks from sites that do not link to your content. Most SEO tools now provide a complete backlink analysis for any domain, making it easy to determine who is linking to your competitors.

Once you’ve compiled the list, identify the sites that aren’t also connecting to you.

Then, contact them to see if you can submit a guest post or point out a piece of content on your website that would be an excellent reference (backlink!) for one of their articles.

  • Technical Fixes

This may sound tense, but it’s mostly fun stuff. As SEO experts, these changes can help you get your clients hooked with you for life. All you need is to solve technical problems on their site, show some amazing results, and then explain further and more advanced SEO services in UAE. But what to do about it? 

  • Get your headings right by using the right keyword and length
  • Focus on the order of your headings, H1>H2>H3….
  • Protect H1s and H2s with simple yet important keywords. Don’t load it with them, but optimize them.
  • Improve Your Site Speed

According to Quicksprout, a business advisory service, 40% of visitors do not wait more than 3 seconds for a web page to load, with 80% never returning to the site again. Slow websites make it more difficult for users to engage, resulting in a higher bounce rate and a negative impact on SEO.

Additionally, Google has been using website speed as a ranking factor for some years now, so it automatically affects mobile ranking, too.  

Besides, Google considers both desktop and mobile ability when ranking. So, if you have your website optimized only for mobile, optimize it for desktop, too, or mobile ranking will drop, too.

  • Improve Readability 

Your website page needs better readability to avoid skimability. Add proper headings, make your content unique, and use shorter and simpler sentences. Moreover, you can add quotes, pictures, or any illustration to keep it digestible for the visitors. 

If you do not have any experts, you can use tools to check. They will give you suggestions. Make corrections accordingly, and you will be all set to go. Once you improve your content, you’ll keep visitors glued to your site in no time.

Bottom Line 

Now, whenever you opt for SEO services in Dubai, always look for the above hacks. Keep them in mind and learn to experiment more. But stay current with the latest SEO updates, too. Ask your company what they can offer along with the additional services, and you can get the results you want. 

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