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5 Secrets To Nail That Perfect Essay


If you have been tasked with writing an essay you may be wondering whether you’ll be able to execute a good write-up. It’s nothing to worry about as it happens to most of the students and even professionals. People usually get put away by the numerous metrics and requirements that one has to fulfill the word count or the page count limit (if set by the supervisor). Then you also have to brainstorm ideas and spend hours finding reliable sources to extract data from. In such situations, most people tend to pay for essay than to write one. This is perfectly normal if you don’t have the time to write one, but still have the money to pay for one. But in case you don’t have either of these provisions, here are five tips that can help you put together an excellent essay on your own. 

Take Instructions Seriously

Generally, people don’t take the instructions for their academic essay very seriously. They just skim through them and start writing. This is a mistake. You need to pay proper attention to the instruction because they are the criteria on which you will be marked. Instructions also help you in planning out your essay. You need to review the instructions and see what types of sources you might need and how many of them will be required. The best way to go about it is to start writing down notes about the given instructions. Remember the due date and the number of words required. This will help you in planning ahead of time and determining how many words you have to do each day. 

Determine Credible Sources 

You need to create a list of credible sources before you start writing. They will come in handy in the citations section. I’d personally recommend going for the digital sources as they can be searched easily and quickly. To be fair, one has to admit that determining credible sources isn’t an easy task. If you are completely dependent on your library books then it becomes even harder as you will have to continuously flip through the right pages to find the data you need. In this situation, it is recommended that you use digital sources such as Google Scholar to look for credible and peer-reviewed sources. 

One of the highlighting benefits of using the online resources is that you save a lot of time and the be who will be checking your article will also need less time to verify your sources. Remember, a properly referenced essay or research paper will play a vital role in improving your grade so pay attention to the sources. 

Make a list of Essay Ideas or Topics

Since we have already covered the sources section, deciding topics will now become an easier task. One of the best ways of creating a list of topics is by analysing the available resource of a topic. One reason for that is topics with limited resources can become a bit daunting at times. Once you have some ideas, try to find the supporting sources for it. The more sources you have the better it is for you. Do everything in an organized manner. You select a topic, then you research on the sources of information you have and when all this is done, you finally start writing. 

There should be discipline in your words

Organization and discipline matters everywhere. It is especially important when you are writing an essay. You need your write up to be organised so it is easier for the supervisor to analyze it. You can organize your essay by making an outline for it. This can simply be an overview of the topics and sub-topics you have planned to cover in your essay. If you want to make the writing part even easier for you, you can include a brief overview of the data you intend to feature in your essay along with the relevant sources. This organizational structure will help you with writing great essays. For each section, you can opt for the ‘burger’ method which includes a beginning, a middle and an end. This will help you go through your essay like a breeze. It will also help you to stuff in as much information as you like and still make the essay look nice and tidy. 

Conclusion and Review

Your conclusion is the essence of your essay. It needs to hold the soul of your research and be strong enough to justify your arguments in one-liners. You must know that a good concluding paragraph will have the perfect transition and it will restate your thesis in different yet concise words. You don’t need to use any new information or sources here. All you need to do is to summarize what you’ve discussed earlier and conclude the essay with something catchy. Some words that cast a lasting impression on the reader. It should evoke a thought process in the reader about your topic. 

Once you have written the conclusion and are done with your essay, you need to have it checked by a friend or an essay editor. All writers need a second opinion on their write-ups. This is why the editors exist. These people fix any mistakes and correct you in places where you are contradicting yourself. Issues such as grammar, spelling, and punctuation also get fixed in a second review. Once your editor is done with your essay, you should give it a second or a third read and then finalize it for submission. When it comes to submission, you need to ensure that you submit your paper on time and not delay it to the last minute. You can also spend some time making a good title page for your essay.

I hope that you find these five tips useful for writing your essay. Follow these tips and you will be all set with the best research paper or college essay of your life. There are no great things in writing, just simple organization and clear communication. Both these things are really easy and all you have to do is to take the first step. Good luck.

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