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5 Reasons You Should Invest in a Standing Desk

Considering to invest in a standing desk to jumpstart a change in your lifestyle? The standing desk has been used by many offices for sometime now, and more and more are adding them to their spaces—and for good reason.

In Canada and around the world, the pandemic ushered in the need for a more conscious, intentional shift to a healthier lifestyle, something that became more evident with the confinement that most people experienced. People couldn’t go out to exercise nor go to the gym—all we had was the limited space within our homes. But, most individuals found a way to cope, and this led to standing desks becoming a huge part of every home. 

Why You Need Standing Desks 

The pandemic is over, but like many things, standing desks are here to stay. Whether at work or at home, they’ve proven helpful to helping people create a positive lifestyle change. And, it’s the right time you get one, too! Here’s why:

Stand more and move more throughout the day

Did you know that a lot of jobs today require people to sit in front of their computer for almost 9-10 hours? In fact, there has been over 80% in these types of jobs over the years, triggering an even worse sedentary lifestyle among many individuals. Parallel to this, we’ve seen an increase in obesity cases and in the number of health risks associated with prolonged sitting.

What’s worse, studies show that exercise cannot reduce the risks associated with sitting. But what can? Well, research on Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis (NEAT) revealed that only an increase in regular activities like walking, gardening or cleaning, or standing can address this. And in the workplace, a standing desk is the answer. Even when you have to work on your computer for a whole day, a standing desk can help add movement to your routine by encouraging you to stand as you work.

Eliminate back pain

In Canada, standing desk has been proven to reduce back pain caused by prolonged sitting and poor posture. Back pain is considered one of the most prevalent health conditions in the country. In fact, about 80% of Canadian adults suffer from back pain at some point in their life.

This can be attributed to sitting for a long period of time, the muscles locked and tensed. This gets even worse if you slouch or hunch on your desk. After some time of these recurring instances, this can cause debilitating musculoskeletal diseases that can go on for a long time. The most effective prevention are healthy habits, and standing desks help develop the habit of standing and moving throughout the day.

Be more productive at work

Productivity linked to standing? Yes. Studies show that there is a correlation between these two. In a study of sedentary office employees, researchers observed up to 45% of productivity increase among employees who used a standing desk vs. those who didn’t. It was a gradual increase, from 23% during the first month to 53% over the next 6 months, but it has proven that merely standing often with a sit-stand desk can help individuals accomplish more in a day.

Increase your energy throughout the day

Bored, sleepy, or tired at work? That can be damaging not only to your productivity but also to your overall wellbeing and mental health. If it has become recurrent, it’s time to pay attention.

Preserve and regain your energy by standing more. How does this happen? The answer is circulation. More movement will increase blood and oxygen circulation in your body, leading to an increase in energy. If you’ve been feeling sluggish or low in energy, check the amount of movement you do throughout the day and consider a standing desk. 

Live an overall healthier lifestyle

The truth is that a healthier lifestyle doesn’t mean you have to spend more. It can happen by doing small and natural changes in your daily habits that build over time and lead to effective, lasting results. Standing and more movement are a good start. A standing desk will help you develop a healthier lifestyle naturally and effortlessly.

You Should Invest in a Standing Desk

And, finding the best standing desk in Canada—there is a great number of options available. Check MotionGrey’s wide array of standing desks, all of which are built with great quality. Look into the features and find those that meet your needs. With the right desk, you know you have a long-term investment that will significantly increase the qualify of your life and your overall health.

Make that lifestyle shift now!

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