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5 Reasons Why You Should Hold or Buy Your Facebook Stocks

Facebook Stocks

For some people, Facebook is just a social media platform to connect with old friends and chat. While this is the primary goal, it isn’t the only goal.

Facebook has greatly evolved in the last couple of years. Now, it has become one of the profitable investment options for most people. Investing in Facebook stocks should be one of the things on your to-do list.

This article points out the five (5) reasons why you should consider investing in Facebook stock.

1) Facebook is a Hotbed for Advertising

The global business economy has greatly changed with the influence of social media platforms, including Facebook.

Before now, many companies relied on offline advertising channels, such as using print media.

With the likes of Facebook on the stage, it has become a different ball game. Thousands of brands and millions of independent business owners now use Facebook for advertising.

The reason for this is not far-fetched. Facebook Inc. is one of the tech companies with the hugest data.

With over a billion users on its platform, Facebook has lots of information about its users. Having such a voluminous database also means something else – Facebook is best for advertising.

You must have come across a couple of adverts on Facebook. One interesting thing about these ads is that they offer solutions to most of your needs.

Ever wondered why you consistently see such adverts? It is because Facebook has your data/information. The same data is made available to digital advertisers who target you based on your interests.

It is for this reason that investing in Facebook stock is worth it. The growth of Facebook ads is unstoppable. And with many advertisers coming in, it means that more funds will be rolled into the Facebook Inc. market.

2) Facebook Stock Has Been on a Steady Growth

One of the factors to consider before investing in any stock at all is the growth metrics. You have to consider the fundamental and technical analyses of the stock.

It will interest you to know that Facebook stock has been on steady growth. According to InvestorsObserver, the Facebook (FB) stock is up 38.89% in the last 12 months. This is about a 3.18% increase in the value of the stock every month.

With such steady growth, prospective investors have in mind that the value of the Facebook (FB) stock will still soar.

Although the value of the stock depreciated by -0.73% this week, it is still bullish. Already, there is a 4.93% projection for the stock. The projection, if realized, could send the Facebook (FB) stock to $395.18 over the next 12 months.

3) More Users are Trooping In

Facebook relies heavily on the data or personal information of its users. TechJury reports that the average time spent by a Facebook user is 33 minutes per day. Putting it all together, we have up to 61 hours of user activities on Facebook.

With such a duration, Facebook can capture as much information/data as it can about the users. With over a billion users, you can imagine what the Facebook data center will be like.

Besides, new users are signing up every day from different parts of the world. With each signup, the friends of those users (if they are not on Facebook), will want to sign up too. This is possible because the friends of Facebook users would want to connect with them.

This is not leaving out the fact that some Facebook users now have multiple accounts. These accounts serve as backup accounts, especially when the users exceed the friend limit.

4) Put Your Money Where Your Network is

Facebook is a platform for people from different parts of the world to connect and communicate.

You have been on Facebook for some months or even years. You have seen how awesome the social media network is. It is high time you start making money from it.

As you spend your time using Facebook, also consider investing your money in Facebook (FB) stocks.

This way, you stand a chance to earn passive income as the value of Facebook (FB) stocks soar.

5) Facebook is Just Getting Started

Technical Analysis (T.A.) and Fundamental Analysis (F.A.) are the two most important investment strategies.

While T.A. focuses on what is on the chart, F.A. looks into the future. And the future of Facebook Inc. “is bright.”

It may be close to 2 decades since the launch of Facebook. Yet, the platform hasn’t waned. It continues to grow stronger with each passing day.

If you are a keen follower of the Facebook growth trend, you will understand this. Facebook is “just getting started” because it is on a mission. That mission is to “bring the world together.”

The world really needs to be brought together. From classmates that lost touch to families and friends; staying in touch is important.

The simplicity of the Facebook social media interface makes staying in touch easier. Besides, Facebook has continued to diversify its portfolio. The acquisition of Instagram, WhatsApp, and the creation of Facebook Messenger are excellent movies.

For a tech company with such a massive portfolio, further growth is imminent. As Facebook continues to grow as a company, it is expected that the stock price will rally too.

Final Thoughts

Buying and holding Facebook (FB) stocks is one of the best investments to make. You may not have been lucky to get it when it was a couple of Dollars. However, you mustn’t repeat the same mistake.

Consider buying as many Facebook (FB) stocks as you can, and reap from the soaring value in the future.

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