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5 Reasons Why You Should Develop a Personal Business App

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Every SME should digitalize their business if they haven’t done it yet. We live in the digital era, and everything happens on the web. The smartphone is the main tool that helps people surf the Internet. Being online today is no longer a privilege but a necessity.

One of the main features of smartphones is installing and using apps. The apps are specialized programs that can be run both online and offline. The average smartphone user has 40 apps installed but only uses around half of them.

In this article, we will talk more about the business aspect of having an app. If you’re running a company, you should know that owning a business app is a must. Read on if you want to know why this is crucial and why you need to hire a custom app development team to create something extraordinary.

1) Raising customer’s loyalty

The loyalty of your customers should be your top priority. According to research, the most loyal customers are the ones that are driving your business. It doesn’t matter which industry you’re working in; it is said that 20% of the most loyal customers make 80% of your revenue.

An app will make your customers happy knowing that they have access to your company through a personalized app on which they can have their own profile. Of course, this is just an example, but if you manage to let every user open their account on your app, they’ll be thrilled knowing to be part of the family.

2) Always notify your clients of new stuff

One of the greatest features apps have is the chance to notify the users about whatever you as a manager want to. These things can be new products, discounts, actions, business moves that concern everyone working with the company, and so on.

There’s no better channel than having an app to transfer a message to the people that needs to know about it. You can have a social media page with thousands of followers, but those that are the most loyal might not see your announcement if you don’t send them a notification directly on their phone.

3) Have a better insight into your clients’ behavior

When a marketing company is preparing a campaign, their main goal before everything starts is to find out which target group they are aiming for. In most cases, they fail to target properly because they are not aware who the main clients are and who the most interested in the company’s products are.

The app can ask for some personal data if the user wants to download it. This data is free to be used for the company’s research. They mustn’t share it, but the owner can freely use it to create better strategies. Proper targeting can increase the success of the campaign by more than 100%.

4) Providing instant customer service

Around 90% of customers will rate the quality of a company as good or bad depending on the customer care treatment they receive. If your customer service department isn’t doing a flawless job, some of your clients will go to the competition, and you’ll lose them as customers forever.

Having multi-channel customer service means you’ll have more satisfied clients. For example, millennials prefer written communication instead of talking over the phone, and this is something you must provide them if you want them to be happy and retain them.

5) Raising brand awareness

Brand awareness is an incredibly important issue for all business owners. The higher brand awareness is, the more successful company you’ll have. Having your own business app means people downloading will always have your brand available on their phones.

While scrolling through the list of apps, the app gets stuck in their head, and wherever they see it, they’ll recognize your business and choose it over the competition.

Wrapping up

In the ocean of millions of apps and billions of app users, you must find your place under the digital sky. Having a business without an app is not a serious one. All research points to the fact that those that own one are far more successful than the others. Find a great app development company and build one based on your personal needs.

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