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5 Reasons Why Old-School Billboards Still Work in San Francisco

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According to a report by WARC, the total amount spent by firms on digital outdoor advertising is expected to see a growth of 10.1% yearly between 2018 and 2021. This report has led experts to expect a significant decrease in the companies using traditional billboards for their advertising needs, as they will switch to digitalized platforms. More firms continue to dive into the world of digital advertising, hoping it will bring the desired upward shift in sales.

Old-school billboards are a classical approach to advertising, often placed along major highways and small streets across the United States. As more firms join this popular modern trend, they realize that it does not provide the desired exposure and reach. San Francisco-based organizations using conventional advertising techniques prove that this method delivers better results than digital methods, and here is why.

Reasons Why Old-School Billboards Still Work in San Francisco

Affordable Pricing

Billboards in San Francisco are generally not cheap to acquire and maintain. The bright side is that traditional billboards are more affordable than their digital alternatives, allowing small businesses to take advantage of the fair pricing to meet their advertising demands. It is probably why small businesses prefer traditional options and is why old-school billboards will continue flourishing in San Francisco.

On average, it will cost you around 600 dollars to rent an old-school billboard for two weeks, making it easy for small business owners to manage payment. On the other hand, digital alternatives charge almost three times for the same duration, despite them producing low conversion rates in sales and exposure.

They Offer 24-Hour Visibility

Every client is deeply concerned about the returns the marketing investment will bring to their firm. Traditional billboards provide their clients with 24-hour visibility within their respective strategic position, guaranteeing exposure all day long. It gives the brand a competitive advantage over its competitors and is the ideal definition of a perfect advertising technique.

Digital billboards are inadequate at meeting set marketing investment returns. One digital billboard serves to advertise multiple brands, and each of their messages is displayed for a short time, repetitively. This technique entirely undermines the delivery of your message, limiting exposure as not everyone gets to see your message. Smaller companies yearning for exposure might be disadvantaged as the messages from larger company’s shadow theirs.

They Allow Strategic Positioning

Old school billboards in san Francisco allow clients to take advantage of advertising hotspots within the region and use them to their advantage. Strategic positioning of advertising billboards is one effective way of capturing more audiences to follow your brand and products. For example, an ad placed beside the highway will get the person’s attention who missed your TV and Radio ads, despite their attention on the road. And since they are constant, every time the individual uses that road, the billboard will still have the message on, persuading them even more.

They Allow Businesses to Borrow from Other Brands

It is clear that outdoor advertising using billboards work for almost every brand out there; why not use it to gain exposure and increase sales. There are practically no limitations when using this advertising approach, and your creativity will determine the results you achieve. Always aim to create an eye-opening and interactive message on your rented space to improve efficiency and effectiveness.

You can always refashion your content using borrowed ideas from other billboards from competitors to maintain the competitive advantage. Specialists recommend keeping your company values and message consistent while integrating new styles and designs into your ad space.

They Are More Eco-Friendly

Another reason why old-school billboards continue to work in San Francisco is that they are more eco-friendly than their digital alternatives. Try and focus on the environmental cost of installing a billboard to understand how much it destroys the environment. Traditional billboards require tree products during installation; however, these materials can be reused for other purposes when the time comes to replace them.

Digital billboards also require these materials when being developed. However, these advertisement platforms constantly consume energy every time they are on. Over time, even the energy-saving structures will have consumed a considerable amount of energy that will harm the natural environment.

One of the best decisions you can make for your business is investing in outdoor advertising. Billboards in San Francisco provide your business with the ideal exposure of your company and the products and services you offer. You must understand that marketing entails more than computer screens and that old-school ads can still create profits.

Meta: Billboards in San Francisco provide the ideal advertising space for firms across the United States. Old-school billboards still prove to be a practical marketing approach. 

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